Monday, April 21, 2014

A Cherry Blossom Tea

Welcome Teacup Lovers to

"A Cherry Blossom Tea!"

Our Cherry Blossom Tree is just starting to bloom. 

 The neighbour's trees are in a beautiful darker pink and in full bloom.  

Mine is a very light pink shade and although it is usually late to bloom it always pleases me in springtime when it starts to bud.  

I've pulled the sheers back so that our tea time has more light and maybe you can have a glimpse of my Cherry Blossom tree.

Sorry.  For some reason the pics are kind of dark.

Today I wanted to share a Royal Albert teacup "Blossom Time". 

It has pretty pink blossoms on the inner cup.

 Jan, my dear friend, who is also my hairdresser gifted me with this when her great aunt passed away and left her with some pretty treasures. 

I was given the matching cream and sugar as a shower gift approximately 32 years ago. 

 I recently found the matching square-shaped tea plate during one of my treasure hunts.  Don't you love having teacup trios?

The Sadler teapot was once my 93 year old mother's.

As I complete my post for Teacup Tuesday, I am busy making turkey dinner and procrastinating about completing three income tax returns.

I used to do this when I was teaching and it was report card time.  My house was never so clean!  Lol! 

I found some geraniums at Walmart yesterday - 10 geraniums for $20.00 and the proceeds go to the Vancouver Children's Hospital!  I thought I would bring a few of them inside by the window until the weather warms up a bit.

Their hot pink colour brightens the room.

 Isn't blogging a wonderful distraction from things we are avoiding?  I know it's my happy place....

I hope that spring has arrived at your home too!

Have a cheery week, dear friends!

Thank you for joining me for

"A Cherry Blossom Tea!"

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Hope to see you there!


  1. Such lovely pictures Karen. The cherry blossom pattern on the teacup and plate is just beautiful! And the pink cushions are lovely too!

  2. Royal Albert makes the best china..... And this Orange Blossom set is one of their best! Love all the pink!

  3. What a lovely spot for tea! The way you have the table set (love the pink pillows and table cloth!) and those lovely tea cups that match your tree! Wish I was there with you!

  4. Hi Karen,
    Happy Easter! Your cherry blossoms are gorgeous! I see them on the weather network from Vancouver and I am always captivated by them. "Blossom Time" is one of the teacups I hope to acquire. I have the square plate too and hope to find the teacup someday. Did you know that the blossom scene on this china pattern is taken from Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia during apple blossom season? I find the history of teacups fascinating, don't you? Love your cream and sugar too. My Aunt Judy has a whole set of this pattern which she got from her mother. I featured it at my tea party one day. Thank you for coming to tea and enjoy your day.


  5. With these marvellous and dreamy pictures, spring arrived at my home! Such beautiful your china and the trees are wonderful

  6. What a beautiful post, Karen! Your cherry blossoms are so beautiful and so is your tea set and the whole tea time setting So lovely! I always enjoy stopping by to see your tea times!
    Blessings, Nancy

  7. Hello Karen, your Cherry Blossom Tea is so very lovely! The cherry blossoms really add extra beauty to your setting. The china....*swoon*! I always love seeing your wonderful china!

  8. What a wonderful tea! Blossom time is so pretty and your mother's teapot is lovely. the pink accents are a very nice frame to the table set up near the window. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Karen: Your home looks like it is right out of a magazine. Love the tea cup you shared today. It is one of my favorite patterns. Let me know how you are doing. Sending hugs your way, Martha

  10. I love your pretty in pink tea that you've shared. It's lovely both inside and out and oh, what a view! Your cherry blossom pattern is just beautiful.

  11. Karen, what a sweet and lovely setting for tea time! I just love your pinks, all of your photographs, heart stopping!

  12. Hi Karen! Oh my goodness I enjoyed my visit! How welcoming your beautiful tea table was. Loved all the beautiful shades of pink.
    Tami ♥

  13. Sooo what time is tea? Gorgeous...HPS Michelle

  14. I had to chuckle reading this post. I too get more done around the house procrastinating some other task! Your pictures don't look dark to me. It is such a beautiful post I clicked on the 1st photo and went through them enlarged after reading the text. What a lovely trio. Teacup mean more when there is a story behind them don't you think? I paid special attention to your lovely pink doilies - my collection grew recently so now I am 'attuned' to them in other blogs. Always makes me feel good to see a blogger with a collecting bug in common. Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. What an enchanting time and place for tea~~~you have it set so sweetly!!! I found a "Blossom Time"saucer yesterday while out junking, it is so pretty. Of course, I haven't seen a Royal Albert pattern that I didn't like! I popped over from Pink Saturday~~~

  16. Karen,
    What a beautiful post!! Love all the pretty pinks!! And the Cherry Blossom trees are so pretty. There was a Cherry Blossom festival one of the town and what was missing was the Cherry Blossoms!! They are still not blooming here.......

    My son also has tatoos on his arms ...the vine thing around each arm. But like I said, he is 30 y/o so what can I say..