Sunday, September 13, 2020

A Busy Summer!

Hello Sweet Tea Friends

It has been a busy summer and I have lots of news to share.

  My sweet daughter is engaged and we are so thrilled.

Last month I had a small family get together to celebrate Rachel and John's Engagement.  (Unfortunately Covid limits all large social gatherings.)

It was a beautiful and warm day and so exciting.

It was such fun to decorate.

 I tried to social distance the seating arrangements as much as possible.

It was so very hot outside that I set up the dining room table for food.
(I wish I'd taken a pic of the food.  Lol. - too busy)

The Happy Couple

Me and the wee grand children.  I love them so! 💜

Grandpa and our precious grandson playing in the fountain.

The Family 💗

My son and his wife and children all dressed in their matching clothes from Indonesia.

Not only have we been busy celebrating but we are also building a shed.  I have always wanted a She-Shed.  It hopefully will eventually look like one on the outside ~ but on the inside it will store all of hubby's tools.  I will post more pics as it continues to progress.

Hubby also added this colonial screen door to keep the mosquitoes out.

This summer has been a very different time for us all.  We stayed home because we were unable to cross the border to go to the cottage in Birch Bay ~ so keeping busy has helped us to occupy our time constructively.

  Last night my kind and darling daughter surprised met with these gorgeous pink roses.  They are my favourite colour. 💝

Isn't family is so very important during these difficult times?

I hope that you are also able to see your family and friends during this challenging pandemic.

Stay Safe and Healthy My Tea Friends.


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