Monday, May 12, 2014

My First Tea in the Garden in 2014!

Welcome to 

"My First Tea in the Garden in 2014!"

 The sun is just starting to appear this morning and although the backyard is in shade I have set our First Tea in the Garden.  But I am so pleased that there is no rain.

Today I am using one of my favourite teapots...

Royal Albert's American Beauty.

I found these vintage sponged dark pink Royal Victoria Wade cups and saucers ~   3 sets for $5.99 at Value Village! 

As I take the pics I realize that two of the cups are  a little different.  One has a gold border on the inner cup and one is plain.

There is a little crazing on one of the inner cups but this makes me believe that it has been well loved. 

At first sight I thought they were Royal Winton and would match my cream and sugar that I have had forever. 

I had such fun last week at Ikea.  I didn't know that I would find such pretty new things.

A white decorative tray,

rose serviettes

and plant pots in pretty pastel shades and all reasonably priced!  

Looking so forward to many more 
Teas in the Garden this spring, summer and early fall!

This week I will be joining these lovely blogspots:

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Beverly ~
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Hope to see you there!



  1. Such a beautiful Tea In The Garden and that American Beauty Teapot is amazing. I also love that the cups/saucers match your cream sugar! As you can see, we have snow and in fact it is snowing right now! I don't know if the plants I covered will make it or not!
    This is crazy! Thanks for your lovely tea time Karen!

  2. What a beautiful way to set your table with pink and roses. I love your American Beauty teapot and it is one of my favorite patterns in Royal Albert. Your new cup and saucer sets look exactly like Royal Winton and what a find at that price. Have a wonderful time in your garden!


  3. A pretty tea table in pink and you chose the perfect tea pot for today.

  4. Karen, American Beauty is one of my favourite patterns although I don't own any but a saucer. LOVE, love love your teapot! The cake plate is a beauty too. It must be so much easier to find pieces out where you live. It's a pity my DIL isn't into china yet. She's busy with her career and little ones as was I once upon a time. If I lived out there, I would be on the hunt every week! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous tea table with us and joining me for tea.


  5. Beautiful tea in the garden. Love those PINK pillows!!

  6. Royal Victoria is a lovely pattern! The speckled coloring is fab! It does look so much like your other set. You wouldn't know by looking at them that they are two different companies. Your first out door tea time is pretty in pink vintage. The new Ikea pieces are great! I haven't been to an Ikea in years, now I want to go ; )

  7. Hello dear friend! Your tea outside looks beautiful. I love the way all the china goes together. I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful. Let me know how you are doing. Sending hugs your way, Martha

  8. Hello Karen. What a lovely table you have set. It is perfectly feminine and romantic. I love how you paid attention to all the details. Especially by adding the pillows on the chairs. I love that American Beauty pattern. It is beautiful. I have started a little collection. I also did a post with a similar bistro set in my garden. I hope you stop by for a visit.

    Have a great week.


  9. Helo Karen just a beautiful Tea party.. Love that Tea pot.. I have cups and sugar and creamer but not the Tea pot.. one day I will get one though.. You table looks lovely Glad I stopped in..l with love Janice

  10. Your first tea in the garden has me anticipating the future tea times in the garden. I love the teacups and they do appear to match the sugar & creamer.

    Your Ikea purchases made me want to visit our Ikea soon ! I love spending time there and it is just far enough away from us that my husband & I make a day of it when we go and of course have to have the Swedish meatballs for lunch.

  11. I adore your tea in the garden. All the pink china is very romantic and i love the teapot. Thanks for sharing this marvellous tea!

  12. What a pretty tea in the garden! Love the pinks and everything comes together so beautifully. It is definitely spring :)

  13. Karen,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words on my post about my Mom. She wasn't perfect, no Mother is but she was my mom amd I loved her even with all of her problems and her past!!

    What a beautiful Tea Post! I hope to do a few garden tea posts too this Summer. I am going back to my blogging roots....


  14. Everything is so pretty and inviting. I didn't notice your cups were different either until you mentioned it and I had to go back and look! They do look a lot like your sugar and creamer so I can see why you had to have them!

  15. Love the way everything works together. Ikea is fun!

  16. Wow! That is so lovely! I would love to have tea with you in your garden, Karen. Haha! You have an adorable tea set and the colors are blowing my mind. The different shades of pink gives off a bright and perky vibe. You did a wonderful job in setting that up. Hope to hear more soon! :)

    Darrell Gardner @ LivingColourGardens