Monday, September 29, 2014

A Patterned Tea Time

Welcome Lovely Friends to:

"A Patterned Tea Time"

Today I am in the mood for roses and  flowered patterns.

This teacup has lovely pattern of pink flowers on the palest of pink background.

It was a garage sale find a few years past.

You have seen this flowery favourite of mine before.

Don't you love pretty patterned linens with  flowered prints? 

And pretty flowered patterned china?

I found this sweet linen stand at an Estate sale.  Everything smells so fresh after drying outside.

         There are still some roses at the cottage.

Sometimes the men just have to join in the fun!
(My hubby and eldest son.)

Thank you for joining me today for

"A Patterned Tea Time."

Have a wonderful week!


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Monday, September 22, 2014

Apples for an Autumn Tea

Autumn is Here!

Welcome Dear Friends to

"Apples for an Autumn Tea"!

When I was teaching Kindergarten, Autumn was always the time for my Apple Theme.  We would taste a different kind of apple every day... Granny Smith, Macintosh, Red Delicious, etc.

 We would make Apple Crafts, sing Apple Songs, read Apple Books and finally taste Apple Sauce! 

 The wee kiddies loved it!

So, I thought a bowl of apple sauce with cinnamon sprinkles and vanilla wafers may be a nice treat for us too... with our tea today.

I have saved a lot of my teaching decor as you can see since my daughter and her boyfriend both plan to be teachers.
I did have an apple cream and sugar and several apple dishes that I used to serve the apples to the children in but I drastically parted with them when I was cleaning out my classroom.  They would have been so nice with today's setting but as you know...
I am trying not to be a hoarder.

Today I am once again sharing this creamy Wedgwood teacup.  The textured pattern of leaves looks fallish.

The creamy teapot is unmarked.

Thank you for joining me today for

"Apples for an Autumn Tea"

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An Autumn Tea! 

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another September Tea in the Garden

Hello Dear Friends, 

 I am so pleased that you are able to join me for 

"Another September Tea in the Garden"!

We have one more week until summer is officially over so let's take advantage of this warm day and once again have our tea outside.

A few weeks ago, hubby and I were at Salvation Army in New Westminster and I found this dainty and elegant Royal Albert cup and saucer.  

It was more than I usually spend but hubby said our famous line, "Get it or regret it".
It was $12.99.

It is a pretty shade of pink around the rim of the cup and saucer,  with touches of blue flowers and a dear bird.  I found it it irresistible. 

My dear friend Jan (also my hairdresser) gifted me with the gorgeous pink two tiered cake plate

and my sweet sis gave me the pretty pink 
tablecloth many years ago.

When hubby and I drove to the Anacortes Ship- Wrecked Days, we stopped in at one of the antique stores and I came across this pink, gold and white teapot.  

I again spent more than I should have but I have never seen many pink teapots in my treasure hunts.

It is marked Gibsons, England.

Shall I tell you the cost?

It was $40.00

Now, I hope that you don't think that I have been spending too much money. 

I haven't stayed in a hotel for a year and nor have I gone out for coffee or expensive dinners this summer. 

Am I now justified?

(I must be honest - we went to the Boathouse on our 32nd Wedding Anniversary).

And my last purchase to share and a much better deal that I am sure you will approve of.... this Foley beauty was $4.99 at my local Poco Sally Ann.  
(My sister saw it before me but passed it by - she's trying not to be a teacup hoarder as I am. Lol!).

It has a wide trim of gold on the inner cup and pedestal base.

Thank you for joining me dear friends for
"Another September Tea in the Garden"!

See you next week!

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