Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome to the Cottage....

In this my second post, I would like to share some of recent cottage projects. 
Come on in....
This is our new front door (inside view) and our chandelier. Previously there was a dark wood coloured door and an amber coloured light which darkened the whole entry.  Sorry I don't have photos of the past.
I do love chandeliers!  This was my mother's and so it is so very special to me.  I purchased Pottery Barn's Silk Cord for $25.00 and it just tops it off!
This was a project which my hubby helped me with.  We bought this china cabinet at Red Door Antique Mall in Mount Vernon.  We added more white paint and it also brightens our front entry!
A vintage mirror placed above!  I will post a full china cabinet view when I reveal my teacup collection!
More mirrors!
I do love mirrors!  Too many mirrors! Can you see the master bed in the mirror?

More Chandeliers!
Classy kitchens that I saw on my favourite blogs had several chandeliers! 
 We had to hang one as high as it could go because my husband and boys are over 6 feet tall!
 The chandelier above the sink was purchased online from Pottery Barn Kids.  The other was my mom's and is so dear to my heart.  My husband and I added the medallians. Hanging the first chandelier was very slow and tedious but the second new and lighter one went up smoothly.   Previously we had two spotlights that didn't flatter my decore.  I have great plans to paint the  oak cabinets white which may have to wait  until I retire. 
Another project...
  I so badly wanted a sideboard like some that I viewed on other shabby chic blogs.  See our finished product below:
This is the sideboard that Mr. Cottage worked so hard on. (After painting.)  Notice this chandelier above the table which actually made me want to buy the house.
This is the sideboard before painting that we bought from Craigslist.  You can see my helper busy removing the handles and preparing it for sanding.  He is such a dear! 
Which sideboard do you prefer?
Happy Spring!
Have a good week!
See you soon,
               View of our back yard and golf course and  our golf cart in the distance...

                                                          Can't wait for summer!


  1. Beautiful villa and a good buffet.
    Wonderful room.

  2. this is my first time here I will be back hope you come visit and follow me
    Have a happy week