Sunday, May 16, 2021

Tea by the New Shed


Hello Sweet Tea Friends

How are you all? It's been a very long year with the restrictions due to the pandemic. I've missed you all. I have also missed my wonderful visits to the cottage.  I haven't been there  for over a year now. 

Hubby and I have been working hard at home on Pandemic Projects and last fall he completed the shed  that I have always wanted.

We purchased a used louvered closet door and hubby then cut it to the window size to make shutters. I happily painted them pale pink and added pretty rose appliques.

All sheds need lace curtains too, right?

Now I have somewhere to store all of my lawn furniture and patio cushions.

My daughter gave me the pink roses for Mother's Day.💗

I've had my first vaccination and am eager to receive my second.  I'm feeling hopeful that the border will re-open soon.

If not, I will stay home and enjoy my flowers and garden here again  this summer.

Have you had any Pandemic Projects?

Thank you for stopping by dear friends!

Take care!



  1. Dear Karen:
    I think your new garden shed is a perfect setting for a tea time. It is darling and the curtains in the windows make it seem a little princess must live there! I so enjoyed your post.

  2. Lovely! Of course lacy curtains!

  3. So great to hear from you, Karen! I missed seeing your beautiful Sadler teapots.

    Your new garden shed is adorable! I thought you were going to use the shed to store all your tea pretties!

    1. P.S. No pandemic projects, but my neighbour is building a new deck and fence enclosure so I got a new divider fence!

    2. Oh Margie, I would have loved to have the shed for my tea pretties. That would have been a great idea. Hubby unfortunately wants to use some of the shed for his tools. Some day I hope to get a She Shed.

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  7. Fantastic blog!! I just discovered you, and I will follow you with a lot of interest. I too am a lover of tea and fabulous vintage English porcelain cups.