Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dahlias and Tea

Welcome Sweet Tea Friends to

"Dahlias and Tea"!

On the way to the cottage, there is a Vista Dahlia Farm. They sell their lovely dahlias along the country roadside.  

I simply must stop every time that we drive by...

Wouldn't you stop too?

This weekend the dahlias have just started to bloom in the farm field.

It's such fun to choose the colours that you want and bring them home to make your own bouquet!

The teacups that I would like to share with you today are both Royal Albert patterns.

The first precious teacup was from my dear friend, Debbie ~ my friend since grade one! She was recently cleaning out her cupboards and wondered if I would like it to add to my collection.
I LOVE it! 
Thank you my "oldest" friend.
(I'm actually one week older and we have an ongoing joke about this!)

It is the prettiest shade of blue with dainty pink and yellow flowers and greenery. 

The second dainty teacup is the palest of pink with pretty rosebuds.  I have shared it before
Do you remember it?

Thank you for stopping by sweet teacup friends for

"Dahlias and Tea!"

See you next week!

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  1. Oh, Karen, your teatime is beautiful! Everything about your tablescape is pretty - fresh flowers in a neat pitcher, your special teacups- the beautiful teapot............beauitful!

  2. Hello Karen,

    What a sweet tea time setting. The Royal Albert tea cups are gorgeous and how sweet of your friend to think of you. She knows how much you will love and treasure such a heart felt gift.

    Happy Sunday,


  3. Yes, I'd be stopping for fresh dahlias, too, Karen! What a lovely bouquet you've made with them.
    Wasn't that sweet of your "oldest" friend to gift with a teacup?! It's so pretty, as is your other one and your teapot, too. Happy Tea Day!

  4. Yes, I would stop for those dahlias too. My mother used to grow them as big as a dinner plate. How gorgeous they were! The teacup from your 'oldest' friend is a beauty and I do remember the one with the rosebuds. You have such a lovely collection, Karen. The teapot goes well with both cups too. As usual, a pretty setting. Thank you for joining me for tea.

    PS~ Alas, we will not be going out to visit my son in BC. He is coming here. He had kindly offered to fly us out but I'm not up to traveling these days. Maybe next year. It would have been wonderful to try and meet up with you!


  5. OMG..five dahlias for a $1.00 ..I'd be stopping too... and their such lovely colours. I once knew a old gentleman who only grew dahlias, so every Fall his yard was a glorious display of all the various types of dahlias... Your RA tea sets are really pretty ...I love the soft colour tones.... How lovely of your friend to gift you with such a lovely cup and saucer.It just makes drinking out of it a little more special. Your tablescape is so beautifully delicate and quite frankly, charmed me... May I please sit on the chair with the darling bow pillow... for teatime....Thank You for sharing ....Hugs

  6. What a lovely tea! The Dahlias are gorgeous...they certainly shout summer! How nice to have a teacup from a special friend! I love the blushing pink as well, and both go beautifully with your teapot. I have a tea table worth of room as well, and it's just about the right size. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. So pretty! Don't you just love inheriting teacups from family and friends? The teacup gifted by your friend is another RA beauty.

  8. There is a place here called Swan Island Dahlias and they have thousands of varieties! It is amazing to see the fields and fields of them! They sell all around the world. I am amazed at how many varieties there are.

  9. Dear Karen, your teatime is fairy! The bouquet of dahlias,the tea setting and the tea cup are really romantic.

  10. The beautiful Dahlias (a dollar a piece??? what a deal!) look gorgeous next to your lovely RA teacups. So nice to be able to have tea outdoors. Too hot here to be outside. Lovely post. Happy Tea Day!

  11. Truly beautiful flowers indeed. I would have stopped for a bouquet as well. And your tea cup is very pretty too.

  12. Hi Karen: I can not tell you how much I appreciate your prayers. I have been suffering so much. I think however, I am on the mend. I love that cup from your friend since first grade, that is amazing all by its self. What a wonderful treasure you have. Sending hugs your way, Matha