Saturday, May 21, 2016

Roses and Ivy for Tea Time

Hello Dear Tea Friends!

I'm so excited!  The roses are in bloom at the cottage! 

And it really is the perfect day for an outdoor tea time.

The teapots are both Arthur Wood.

Do you remember that I broke one like the one below? 

(I was bad girl and ordered another one on e-bay.)

The teacups both have roses and ivy patterns. 

The pink roses are just starting to open.

Thank you for stopping by for 

"Roses and Ivy for Tea Time!"

Happy Victoria Day Weekend!

See you next week!


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Hope to see you there!


  1. Your outdoor tea time is absolutely spectacular!!! I love very much your floral china and your roses are gorgeous.

  2. Dear Karen:
    Your Roses and Ivy pieces are lovely. This is a wonderful and favorite pattern and yes I have some too. I even have some dinner plates from back in the early 90's when I had a store in Texas. They were made by Crownford who later went out of business - sadly! I love your pieces and so glad you got another teapot. Your yard looks so inviting and pretty! Thanks for sharing and linking.

  3. Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend, Karen! Your roses are gorgeous! I'm glad that you found a replacement teapot for the one you broke. I enjoy browsing eBay but the shipping fees to Canada are too expensive!

  4. Oh my how I LOVE the PINK. Beautiful!

    Charlotte Moore

  5. Beautiful table and a lovely setting in the garden.

  6. What a pretty setting, Karen! I love the rose and ivy motif. Very, very lovely, and I'm glad you got another teapot. Your roses are gorgeous and you have lots to use in arrangements too! Love your ruffled table covering. We had an amazing warm Saturday but we were with our grandchildren all day {inside} so missed out on the lovely weather that day. More to come though. Thank you for sharing with us and have a delightful new week ahead.


  7. Happy Victoria Day, Karen! My, your roses in your garden are just gorgeous, and the roses blooming on your teacups and teapots are so pretty. I love the combo of roses and Ivy and both of your teacups are so romantic. I would love to sit with you at your outdoor setting, dear friend.

  8. Oh be still my heart. I am in love with your roses. Pure delight. Mine are just starting to bud so I hope to have pretty roses in a few weeks.

    Stunning tea table Karen. Your garden has is lovely.


  9. O my Karen, everything is so lovely.. Teapots cups Roses all gorgeous.. I dont have a favorite I love them all. Happy Wednesday with love Janice