Sunday, May 29, 2016

A New Teapot for Tea in the Garden

Hello Dear Tea Friends,

Today  our tea time will be under the covered deck.  

I wanted to share with you the latest addition to my Sadler collection.  This pale pink rosed teapot.

I had been wanting one for a long time and I splurged.  Hubby said to think of it as an investment.  Isn't he a keeper?

The teacup is a mismatched cup and saucer.

The roses are just starting to bud. 

Thank you for  stopping by today!

I do hope that you have

A Wonderful Week!

See you next time!


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Hope to see you there!


  1. Oh your new teapot is absolutely gorgeous! Your entire tablescape and surrounding area is just lovely, Karen!

  2. What a pretty spot your covered deck makes for having a nice cuppa tea, Karen. I'm swooning over your new teapot. Yes, your sweet hubby is a keeper and sounds like something my late beloved would've said when I'd be wanting something. Happy tea time, sweet friend!

  3. So pretty!! Can't ever have too much PINK. At least to me anyway. The roses are so pretty too.

    Charlotte Moore

  4. Your pink Sadler teapot is a beauty, Karen. Your hubby definitely is a keeper. I'll have to use the "It's an investment" saying next time I make a tea-related purchase. HA! Your pink teacup and saucer are also the perfect (mis) match!

  5. Very very pretty Karen, I have been wanting one of those as well for a while to but have not invested in it yet. Cute that hubby of yours and sweet. Yes a big keeper. Everything is lovely. Happy new week with love Janice

  6. Lovely! I love outdoor teas. Your roses are gorgeous!...Christine

  7. Dear Karen:
    I see you are "in the pink" with this new teapot and married cup and saucer! That is so lovely and what a lovely pink tea time! Karen, I have never seen that Sadler. I think you know I have some similar in white background but pink is SO WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing and linking in your busy time! I understand totally. I had friends over Sunday and stayed up till midnight on Saturday. I promised myself - never again will I wait to get started. I should of been baking in the morning Saturday but found myself "drawn" to the garden!

  8. Such a beautiful setting for tea - love the wicker and the china.

  9. I love your new Sadler, Karen! Your hubby sounds like mine. They appreciate pretty china too. My hubby wasn't always like that but he made an effort and I do so appreciate him for that. The fun of it all is he knows what I like now too. Your table looks lovely dressed in pink, one of our favourite colours! I'm so happy you were able to take some time to share this with us because I know you are busy in your garden these days.


  10. Your porch is wonderful! A perfectly charming place for relaxation and tea! I love the new teapot! I have had that in pink, blue and yellow, but I really liked the pink best, and I'm a blue person! Your husband is indeed a keeper! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  11. Ohh...your new pink teapot is absolutely pretty. This is a fairy addition for your gorgeous collection. The tea time is such beautiful, romantic and fairy!

  12. The new pink teapot is lovely. I'm sure it sings.

  13. Oh, I just gasped when I saw that beautiful teapot! I love pink and gold together. I shared your husband's comment with my husband :) You have a beautiful spot to have tea; I would spend a lot of time there. Hope you're having a good week Karen. xo

  14. your teapot and setting are lovely. enjoyed the visit.