Monday, May 14, 2018

Three Favourite Sadler Teapots

Welcome Sweet Tea Friends!

I'm so excited to have Tea in the Garden 
with you!

Finally.... the sun is shining! 

I would like to share three of my favourite Sadler teapots with you today.

I recently added two rosebud Sadler cubes to my collection and they are giving me such joy!

Do you see beauty in pretty china too?

Teacups with Rosebuds!

My son and daughter-in-law gave me this dear miniature teapot with a pink flower and also these pale pink roses for Mother's Day.💚💛💜

Thank you for your visit today! 


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  1. WOWWWW!!!!Stunning vignettes in your garden!How fabulous your china is!!!Gorgeous teapots and teacups!The roses are so sweet and dainty,just beautiful.Hugs,Karen!

  2. Soon pretty! There are those tables that I have also. HA!

    Charlotte Moore

    1. Oops! That changed to soon. Soooo pretty!

  3. Your gorgeous Sadler teapots give me joy too!

  4. Karen, these are beautiful! And I love how you coordinated your dress to match. For me, there is never enough pink! :)

  5. What a great photo Karen! What a pretty lady in her garden! I have a friend looking for those Florentine Stacking tables right now! You asked about the 3 level Afternoon Tea Trays made from plates - you can get the hardware from Maryland China Co assuming they still had that. My Hubby used to make them for my shop years back and I have a lot of them. If your husband makes you some be prepared for some cracked and broken plates. I think my husband used water some how to help keep the bits cooler?

  6. Oh dear - I wanted to answer your question and forgot to even mention your post which is lovely and that darling stand is so sweet. You have amassed a wonderful collection now! Thanks for linking and sharing. Loved your photo!

  7. Karen, I call this post "Pretty in Pink." Yes, I do love pretty china and teaware. Keep enjoying that sunshine!

  8. Love Your pink tea set! You are such a beautiful woman and Your pink dress is absolutely adorable