Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scenic Photos from the Cottage


A Visit to the Beach

On the weekend when the sun was just starting to set I decided to take some pictures of the scenic Birch Bay seashore.

Usually it is so calm.... but the waves were wild today!
 It was a blustery, windy and cold day but so very picturesque!
 A lot of driftwood has been washing up on the shore lately.

The sun is setting now.

    Two weeks earlier on a clear but chilly day we decided to take a     walk to the Marina which is just minutes away from the cottage.
 You could smell the heavenly salt air ....
 I am anxious for summer to come.
On the way home when we were leaving the beach, the colours of the sky, clouds and trees were entrancing!
      Birch Bay is quiet and somewhat isolated country-like getaway!
                             I love it when the tide is out...

 I am anxious to return to this relaxing paradise!
See you soon!

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