Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cherry Blossoms at the Castle


 Cherry Blossoms

 Today when I looked out of the window at the beautiful blossoms on the Cherry Blossom Tree, I decided to brighten the house and bring nature inside for the kitchen and dining room tables.

  Cherry Blossoms in the dining room.
 Do you like the pale pink colour of cherry blossoms?

Cherry Blossoms in the kitchen. 
This is one of my favourite pitchers.  It has a border of gold on the top and the bottom and the flower pattern resembles Royal Albert's Old English Roses. I found the pitcher at Value Village for  $7.99.

 Above the table is a special saying...

 I love the way the flowers droop and the petals fall.

  I wish that Cherry Blossoms would bloom all year long!

Thanks for visiting Cherry Blossoms at the Castle today!



  1. They made beautiful arrangements. I love the "drooping" aspect! Thanks for linking to "Open House".

  2. Hi Karen,
    Your cherry blossoms are gorgeous; love the soft pink colour! What a fantastic find the Old English Roses pitcher was. I would never find something so beautiful at our V V. Thank you for sharing your beautiful blossoms at my HOME and have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Dear Karen,
    Your Swedish pitcher is so beautiful. It's a treasure. How fortunate you are to have Cherry Blossoms and you are smart to bring them in and enjoy them every time you pass them!
    Ruthie from:
    Wait! I just reread the post about that pitcher. $7.99!!!! Wowza. What a great buy and yes, it does remind me of Royal Albert but I like it even better. If I had a Value Village, I would be off in a jiffy.