Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th!

Isn't it fun to celebrate special occasions?

I used to love decorating my kindergarten classroom and now I enjoy spending my time decorating inside and outside.  

I found these patriotic pillows last week at Value Village.  They were $1.99. It was seniors day so I got them for 30% off that!  

The transferware teacups are Mason's Vista.

I do hope that you have a special day with your friends and family on July 4th!


This week I plan to visit these beautiful blogspots:

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  1. Gorgeous transferware tea cups!Hugs!

  2. What a unique teapot!

    Thanks for the visit. I also like to leave the ice cream tub out for 5-10 minutes so it'll be softer and melty before I consume it!

  3. Love your tea setting! Perfect for this special day.

  4. Karen, that little stretch of white picket fence makes that THE perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea while looking at the serene view. Love that transferware.

  5. Love Your patriotic decors! The Mason teacups are absolutely beautiful. I've got some of them me too

  6. Dear Karen: I am just responding now to last week's linkers and what a wonderful Patriotic Post this was. I love the way you decorated your table. I love the old transferware although I only started collecting it a few years back really. That teapot sure is cute too - thanks for sharing!