Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Mint Green and Cream Christmas Tea

Hello Sweet Friends
Welcome to
"A Mint Green and Cream Christmas Tea"
"The Broken Treasure"
I am just starting to get ready for Christmas....
A few weeks ago I found this silver tree centre piece at Crossroads Thrift Shop.  As you know I love crystals and bling so I couldn't resist. It is really meant for photos but I like it without.
The traditional red and green Christmas colours do not go particularly well with my colour scheme throughout the house so today I am choosing some mint green accents.
As I was washing the teacups and trying to be extremely gentle with my favourite thin Shelley cup when I was drying it..... oh no! And much to my dismay, it cracked.
I was so excited about sharing this Shelley ....
It is called "Pole Star".
I quickly got out the glue gun and tried to put it back together.  No, I didn't cry but I wanted to.
Unfortunately no one will be able to drink from this dainty treasure again.   From this side it looks almost perfect, doesn't it?  Well, almost.
Too bad it wasn't this mint green Colclough.  I have a few of these cups.
I don't mean that really.  I do love it in mint green too!
Do help yourself to a Cranberry Citrus Oat Crunch Cookie in the Beleek heartshaped dish.  It was once my dear mother-in-laws.

I found this sweet tiny Christmas teapot spoon at Salvation Army (I call it Sally Ann, do you?) for 49 cents.
The cream and sugar have a special little story to go with them.  I found the creamer at antique shop and when dear sister saw it  one day at my house she realized that she had the matching lonely sugar bowl.  So, the generous gal that she is gave it to me and now I have the matched set!
Sweet Sister and I do like the same things.  I must tell you another amazing story.  One day she consigned two pretty fringed lamps and then I went into the same shop and bought them!!!    The dear would have given them to me for free but I paid $50.00 for the pair. (I will share those another day).
Another time Sister put a pretty plate in the Sally Ann. What do you know?  I went and bought it!  Funny but true stories!!!!
I can't remember where I found the Foley mint green and flowered tea plates.
Tell me, dear ladies, to make me feel a wee bit better; have you ever broken a treasure?
Thank you for the honour of your company today!
Enjoy the season!
Your friend,
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  1. I am so sorry about your sad! And they are hard to find. But Shelley's are so delicate. But your tea setting is wonderful! I'd have grabbed the silver and crystal tree as well. The stories about your finds are so fun!, especially with your sis! Thanks so much for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. Glue is wonderful. Just what would do with that great Shelly teacup, it now is saved for future generations. Also your center piece tree is so sweet, it has such appeal. Have a great Christmas season.

  3. I like the mint green and white, but darn, what a shame your teacup broke. The stories of you and your sister are funny, you need to shop in each other's home before giving anything away. We always call the SA Sally Ann and I've donated a lot to them over the years. Now I donate to a fundraising group for diabetes, they pick up on prearranged dates at your door.

  4. Hi Karen,
    oh I feel so sad for you. I know exactly how you felt. It happened to me with wine glasses which we never get replacement for. But in the end you glued this beautiful cup and maybe you can use it as a candle jar. Love the white room with the green accents. Looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing this tea time. Have a great Advent time.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  5. Oh..i'm so sorry for your beautiful tea cup! Everything is very lovely

  6. Not only have I broken things - but also my husband has broken some of my things. If I gave you the list (I try hard to forget) it would be rather long and even in recent years. Last year I thought the brace was hooked under the table and I broke a saucer which is discontinued. I think I could write quite a long list here. Shelley teacups are so prized so I know that was quite a disappointment. Did you read a while back in early fall about Martha a Lines from Linderhof. Her shelf slipped in our cabinet and she lost alot of her blue and white English.

    This post is lovely.

  7. Ah, Karen, I am so sorry your Shelley teacup got broken. Those treasures break one's heart when they get cracked, don't they? I do like your pale mint Colclough teacup too. Mint green is such a lovely colour. I have the same cake stand only in pink! Funny srories about you and your sister! Three times, I have visited my aunt in NB over the years and we had the same bedspreads. I think colours and treasures must run in families. My mother, my auntie, and I all adore aqua too. Thank you for sharing this lovely post with us at Tea Time and have a wonderful week, my friend.

    Christmas blessings,

  8. Hi Karen: I must break something every day. I hate it! I have never seen a home decorated in a mint green for Christmas. It looks stunning. Sending love your way. Would love to hear from you. Hugs, Martha

  9. Love the mint green--love that pillow--enjoy the holidays!

  10. I love mint green and white ... beautiful glass. So sorry about your Shelley teacup .. it is lovely. I have broken more than one treasure. I also think our treasures are meant to be used and loved. It happens. Lovely teascape and loved your stories about you and your sister. Merry Tea Day!

  11. Hello Karen, I'm looking at your pretty tree you thrifted and it is beautiful with what you did, I can't imagine it being for photos and don't know where they would sit, I love it.

    So sorry to hear and see of your little tea cup, you did fix it up and I wouldn't have known if you hadn't shared. This year more than ever I have been dropping a great deal of things and with tile floor there is no chance of it being in two pieces. Your mint green is lovely and such a warm glowing colour, thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh boo hoo about your tea cup! I have a few like that, they look fine if you look at one side. lol!
    Your thrifted tree is lovely! What a find!
    Your table is looking lovely.