Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Thistle Tea

 Welcome Teacup Friends to

"A Thistle Tea"!

Happy St. Patick's Day on March the 17th
Happy Spring  on March the 20th to you!

Instead of featuring shamrocks today, I have decided to  share

 two recent "Thistle" teacup finds.

 Since the Thistle usually initiates growth in the spring, I thought it would be an appropriate choice for this season.

This elegant Thistle teacup is an Addlerley.

Some fun facts about the Thistle:

The Thistle is a national symbol of Scotland, and is known for it's prickly touch. 
The thistle flower actually grows these spiny leaves to protect against the flower being eaten by wildlife.
The thistle has gotten a bad reputation as a weed due to it's available to reproduce across fields.
 In fact one musk thistle is capable of producing up to 120,000 seeds.
Edible thistles such as the bull thistle can be roasted and eaten. 
In fact the seeds can also be used for producing oil and Native Americans used to chew on the petals like chewing gum.
Thistles bloom in a range of colours including yellow and white, however they are most commonly seen in shades of purple.
Many types of insects and butterflies are attracted to Thistles. These include bees and even Goldfinches who use them for building a nest
The thistle is oldest recorded 'National Flower' dating back to the 13th century when the Vikings tried to creep up on Scottish Clansmen, only to walk barefoot over thistles.
 This caused one of them to cry out alerting the Scottish army!

Even though many consider the thistle a weed, it does look pretty on a teacup.

I have always fancied mauve and green together.

A "thistle" tablecloth makes the setting complete.

Thank you for visiting me today Dear Friends for

"A Thistle Tea"!

Have a marvelous week!


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  1. Everything is so well decorated and love the theme of Thistles. You have a wonderful collection.

  2. What a great thematic tea! So wonderful to see how you included and coordinated all of your thistle tea ware. I like the saucer of your second teacup and the embroidery on your thistle tablecloth is beautiful. Thanks for teaching me about the thistle.

  3. I love this thematic! It's so fresh and romantic.Everything is so elegant and so delicate.The tea cups are fairy

  4. Gorgeous! The Adderley is one of the nicest thistle cup I have seen! Wonderful! And the tablecloth is wonderful! What a gorgeous setting! So nice of you to share the history of the thistle! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. Happy St. Paddy's Day, Karen! I adore your Thistle Salisbury teacup with its funky-shaped saucer.

  6. Your thistle theme is wonderful, Karen. I love the teacups. I like thistles myself as long as I do not accidently touch one. I find them unique. A pretty tablecloth too. Love how you have tied everything together. Thank you for joining me for tea and Happy St Patricks Day!


  7. I love your thistle tea, Karen. Both of your teacups are beauties and your tablecloth is gorgeous. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  8. Fabulous "Thistle Tea" and the setting by your window with the light coming through is lovely! Your cups and saucer are stunning with the thistles pattern. The teapot is so gorgeous well I just love everything! The thistle tablecloth is just so precious with this tea table. I would love to view all your china for so many pieces are gorgeous! I set a tea table with Spode Shamrocks I acquired recently and used green colors but I really love the purple and green shades in your post. Have a wonderful week!


  9. Hi Karen: Yours is the most beautiful tea I have seen today. Love the tea cups. Sending you my hugs, Martha

  10. Your thistle teascape is lovely. I love all the color -- green and purple. Lovely linens, too. Happy Tea Day!

  11. Well, I think that thistles are as good as shamrocks to celebrate St Patrick's Day and your thistle tea cups are delightful. But then everything else is beautiful and special. Thanks for the information about thistles and for sharing this fabulous tea.

  12. Wow! This was certainly fun and different. I loved all of your thistle details and of course, it makes me think of Eeyore who ate them :) Happy St. Patrick's Day....joining you from Sandi's Rose Chintz Cottage. ~Heather Elizabeth

  13. I am trying to decide my favorite thing about this post and I guess it will be the Adderly Thistle teacup and saucer. You have set a very pretty table Karen and truly I love what you have done! I am so glad you shared your treasures with us!