Monday, December 14, 2015

Tea by the Cottage Fireplace

Welcome Dear Tea Time Friends to

"Tea by the Cottage Fireplace!"

Christmas at the cottage is tones of turquoise and pink.  

Last year we changed our red brick fireplace to white. Hubby (with a little help and advice from me) added some wood trim and corbels and I am loving the white colour with my Christmas decor.

The Foley teacup is one of my recent thrifting lucky finds.

I love it's pale pink colour and dainty pastel flowers. 

The pink floral teapot is a one cup Arthur Wood. Also a recent happy find.

Thank you Dear Tea Friends for stopping by for

"Tea by the Cottage Fireplace!"

See you next week!

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  1. Karen, amo le tue belle decorazioni!Tutto dolce!Baci,Rosetta

  2. Oh how beautiful. I adore your room in the cottage and that fireplace turned out so wonderful. Your colors are the latest rage and look so inviting! Arthur Wood and Foley are like music to my ears! So glad you shared Karen. Wishing you a wonderful week!

  3. Very lovely, I love the turquoise accents ... Happy Monday with love Janice

  4. Oh, I love a white fireplace, Karen! You and your hubby did a fabulous job on it. I have pink and turquoise/aqua in my decor this year too. I think you and I have a lot in common when it comes to decor. :-) That AW teapot is adorable and the Foley teacup is really pretty. Such lovely finds for your collection. I like the clock too. Thank you for sharing all your pretties with us and I hope you will have fabulous week ahead.

    Merry Christmas,

  5. Your fireplace looks wonderful, and I love the soft colors of your teatime! Lovely!

  6. Your fireside tea setting is beautiful, Karen! The weather here has been warmer than usual so I haven't even used my gas fireplace yet.

  7. Your tea by the fireplace is so dreamy and romantic, Karen, with a touch of glamor that comes from the sparkly ornaments and the pretty colors. I know that I always say that you find the best finds, but you do! Your teacup and teapot are so pretty with your colors in your home. The white fireplace is so pretty and goes so well with your decor.
    Happy tea day, sweet friend.

  8. Oh, Karen- your holiday tea by the fireplace is lovely! And I really like how you have changed up your fireplace to match the real "you!" Very well done, ma'am!

    Hugs! ♥

  9. How lovely! Tea by the fireplace -- perfect for winter. I love the aqua and pink -- so pretty. You find the most wonderful tea things. We should all shop with you!

  10. Hello Karen,
    That is just the most romantic festive tea time! The white bricks and new mantle is perfect. I can see why you are loving the change. It looks amazing with all your romantic whites, pinks and blues.
    The new Foley cup is very sweet and fits in beautifully.

  11. One of my trees is turquoise and pink with a little white tossed in! I love your use--so pretty! Love the pillows.

  12. Ooh . . . I knew we could count on you for pretty and feminine Christmas decor! I have a pink and turquoise tree in my foyer; love those colors together. I love that 2nd to last picture, with the pillows in the background, so pretty.

  13. Ohhh...i love your decors! The colours are very romantic and your christmas touches too.
    Your tea time is very cozy and fairy as usual

  14. Karen please invite me over for tea in fact we don't even have to have tea I just want to see this beauty in person love these oolors.

  15. Karen tell your hubby that is the most beautiful fireplace I have ever seen!!!! Your post is absolute perfection. The colors, the tea cup, the gorgeous fireplace!!!!