Friday, July 22, 2016

An Aynsley Tea in the Garden

Happy Tea Time Dear Friends!

Today I wanted to share with you some of my treasured Aynsley china pieces.

Both Aynsley teacups feature similar beautiful pink roses.

I have chosen my favourite colours at the cottage.  Turquoise and pink. 

This Aynsley has the palest of pink tones on the inner cup.   It was once my dear mother's.


The cream and sugar feature a turquoise blue shade on the inside.

The turquoise and gold Ellgreave teapot and unmarked tea plates were also from my mom's collection. 

Do you have treasured china from your sweet mother? 

After trimming the shrubs, the white roses are now getting more sun and I am so pleased to see new buds each week. 

Thank you for visiting me for 
An Aynsley Tea in the Garden!

See you next time!

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Hope to see you there!


  1. Dear Karen:
    I am sure you saw Janice's turquoise teapot too. Or Robin's Egg blue - whatever the color name is that is the hot color right now! Your table setting is sure pretty. I love the table too. I saw one similar at the Brass Armadillo Antique mall and wanted it but the veneer had not been glued down and was coming off after they painted it. Yours is lovely and I thank you for sharing and linking.

  2. I love the turquoise color! It is so pretty with your beautiful tea and flowers.

  3. You won my heart today I love turquoise shades and aqua's. And the chairs o my, everything is just beautiful.. And it looks like a wonderful day. Happy Friday, with love Janice

  4. Girl you had me at the beautiful teal cake plate.these cups are so delicate and dainty I love the explicitness detail of the rose petals and your little pink doilies are perfect.what a pretty table.Susie

  5. I'm crushing on the pretty turquoise Aynsley teacup and Ellgreave teapot. My mom doesn't collect china, but she has acquired some lovely teacups thanks to yours truly. HA!

  6. Gorgeous Karen! I LOVE anything blue, and these are lovely items. Aynsley is always gorgeous, and especially with a family connection. Try to keep cool!

  7. I love that you're sharing some of your sweet, angel Mom's treasures, Karen. I love the colors and the patterns. Yes, I have some pieces of my own mom's that she has gifted to me, which makes them so special.

  8. Hello Karen, I am totally in love with your tea time today! I love every bit of china you have chosen to use. I have two very similar tea cups, they are the sweetest! Everything looks lovely. It is all more dear that some pieces were your mother's. I do have one tea cup from my childhood home. It is a treasure to me.

  9. Hi Karen: Love your tea today. The colors are so pretty. Hope you and your family are doing well. Sending hugs your way. Martha

  10. Just lovely Karen! Pink and turquoise look so pretty together. I love the turquoise inside the sweet little sugar and creamer. And your chairs are really pretty. Most of the heirloom china I have is from my grandmother or from my husband's side, as my mother still has her collection.
    Your roses are beautiful. White is a favorite. xo Deborah