Monday, June 12, 2017

June Red Roses

Hello Sweet Tea Friends!

The sun is shining and I am happy to be outside enjoying the bright red June Roses!

My dear friend Dawn gifted me with a small Old Britain Castles creamer.

A perfect addition to my collection.  (Small fits in the full cupboard more easily - Lol!)

The white peonies are almost finished blooming.

The white roses have just started to bloom.
I love white flowers!

Hoping that your roses are in bloom too!

Have a Wonderful Week!



  1. Such a lovely tea set. I have never seen any like it. Your garden roses are lovely!

  2. Very pretty!! Those strawberries are perfectly ripe. YUM!!

    Charlotte Moore

  3. I love your tea set, red transferware is so beautiful and your outdoor setting so perfect! It is way too early for My roses and peonies! My tulips just finished blooming and now the iris and lupine are starting to bloom. Beautiful spring!

  4. Gorgeous post!Very exquisite!Love your roses!

  5. What a beautiful tea setting! The red and white theme would be perfect for a Canada 150 tea party!

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