Sunday, July 16, 2017

Baby Blue for Tea Time

Hello Sweet Tea Lovers,

Are you enjoying the summer?

I love being outside in the summer, enjoying the sunshine and watering my flowers.

Although my yard has a lot of shade I managed to find a sunny spot for our tea time.

I found this rare Royal Albert teacup with a butterfly handle at a garage sale for $5.

The baby blue  Sadler cube teapot is not a full size teapot.

Once my search began for Sadler cube teapots I began to appreciate every colour ~ not just pink.

Thank you for your visit today!

I hope you are enjoying these sunny days too!

This week I plan to visit these beautiful blogspots:

Bernideen's ~
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Beverly ~ http://howsweetthesound typepad.
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Ruth ~
Tuesday Cuppa Tea

Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Karen!What a beautiful post!Your teacup is a great treasure!Love your gorgeous blue teaset and your pretty garden!Although here is winter,we had a lovely sunny day!Hugs.

  2. A lovely spot to enjoy the sunshine. I am crazy over the chair!

  3. Dear Karen:
    You are on a roll with these Sadler teapots - amazing!!!! I love the dusty blue color too! Such a pretty table in the garden! Lovely! Our weather is really get hot now so I have to do mine really early lest I croak!!!

  4. Another great garage sale score! This is the first time that I've seen a RA teacup with a butterfly handle. So pretty! Your love of Sadler cubed teapots has rubbed off on me.

  5. that blue chair is wonderful
    hope you come visit and leave a comment

  6. Oh so pretty! I love your teacup with the butterfly handle. I have never seen one like it! Your baby blue teapot set lovely too! You have the most beautiful furniture, makes tea time so special!

  7. A lovely blue teatime in the garden. Love the Sadler teapot.

  8. Well you really did well with your new teacup! Don't see them often at all! And I love the blue Sadler set. Your garden is looking lovely and that is such an inviting setting for tea! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea

  9. Karen, that was gorgeous! And I don't mind the shade at all! I've never come across any of those teapots, which might be a good thing since I don't know where I'd put another teapot! BTW, I'm giving tea away this week.