Thursday, February 22, 2018

More Pink for Tea Time!

Hello My Sweet Tea Friends!

The sun is shining through the living room window but it's a very cold day again today ~ a perfect day for a tea time by the fire.

I thought some "More Pink for Tea Time" would help to brighten our day.

Yesterday I made blueberry muffins and chocolate chip banana bread.  I was planning to take some to my dear sister but the snow kept me away. :(

This is a new to me Sadler.  Did you know my collection is nearly complete?  Since my daughter and daughter-in-law both love pretty china I have felt more justified about purchasing more pretties. 

Do you think collecting china is a good investment?

Guess where I got this Royal Albert Bridesmaid Rose Coffee Pot beauty? (you guessed right....sweet sis).

Flowers make me eager for springtime ahead!

Thank you for your visit today!

Are you looking forward to spring too?

See you soon!
Image result for pink flower border design

This week I plan to visit these beautiful blogspots:

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Hope to see you there!


  1. Karen, I don't know that it's a good investment financially. But for those of us who enjoy our beautiful china every day, it's a good investment emotionally!

  2. Hi Karen!Your Pinks are breathtaking!I agree with Jean,I feel so happy seeing my china and seeing YOURS!How amazing!!!They are dainty and romantic,so pretty!Hugs!

  3. Dear Karen:
    Yes, we are all longing for Springtime and your china sure looks like Happy Pink Springtime! That coffee pot with cups that match is so striking. I think your Sadler's are all so interesting. Thanks for sharing Karen!

  4. I gotta agree with Jean's comments about china being a good investment emotionally. Your prety pink teawares are definitely what I needed to lift my spirits on this rainy week. I was surprised to hear that BC received more snow again...

  5. PINK sure makes me feel better. The teapot by Royal Albert Bridesmaids Rose is absolutely beautiful. Love them all but that is so stunning.

    We had 80 yesterday and high 70s today. I know we will pay for this later but I sure love this warm weather we are having in North GA.

    Charlotte Moore

    1. Thank you Charlotte! Whenever I feature pink I think of you! I wish we were having warm weather on the west coast. I'm so eager for spring. Thank you for your visits and always tooo kind words. Blessings, Karen

  6. OMG Karen ..You have the loveliest teapots... Happy Pinktime... my favourite color for Spring. I do think China is a good investment ... but more than anything a personal JOY !!!! Your teatime setting is so lovely ...I’d love to cosy up and sit by the fire enjoying a scrumptious blueberry muffin with you. ...xoxoxo

  7. Pink is my favourite colour...i adore your pink china and your pink teatime!!!!!!!!!