Thursday, December 6, 2018

Getting Ready for Christmas at the Cottage

Season's Greetings Sweet Tea Friends!

I must apologize for my absence.  I am finding that it's harder to get things done as I'm aging and now that I'm looking after the grandkids more frequently I have to admit that it is exhausting!  Lol.

I am trying to focus my decorating on the kiddies.  (My grand daughter loves princesses.)

That's me (feeling loved) under the grand kiddies.
I treasure every day that we have together.

I do hope that you are enjoying the Christmas preparations and that you are also able to spend time with precious family and friends!



  1. How sweet and beautiful...Blessings,Karen!

  2. Dear Karen:
    You are in good company! I haven't posted much lately either. I would rather "play". Right now I am sewing some last tea cozies that I sell and then I am baking and doing my own crafting. I love your cottage for Christmas and how wonderful to spend time with family. I go to bed so much earlier now that I am older. I am doing one good thing. I am am walking close to an hour a day even in the cold! It is working. Maybe by summer I can get into some old clothes too! Ha! Have fun and enjoy those sweeties!

  3. I can't believe how big your grandkids have grown. It seems like only yesterday that your first grandchild was born. I hope you'll still have energy to decorate your tree with teacups!

  4. This grandma needs a nap after babysitting but I am thankful for the blessings of all my grand babies, so I so understand! I so enjoy your posts. Merry Christmas

  5. Your decors look adorable, sweet and relaxing. Fabulous!

  6. Happy Pink Saturday, Karen. Enjoy every moment. My only grandchild will be twenty next week.♥

    Everything always looks beautiful.

  7. Love the color scheme of your Christmas decor! Enjoy this special time with your family.

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