Sunday, May 5, 2013

Colours at the Cottage


Cottage Colours 

It was very warm at the cottage this weekend and I wanted to brighten up the kitchen with some colour from the garden.  I am so pleased that we have some lovely lilacs growing in the yard! These lilacs are a very deep purple. (I love the mauve ones and wish that I had some of those too!)  

 The Lilac bush is located at the back of the cottage.

 They almost look like a fuschia tone close up.
I placed them in  my Johnson Brother's White Ironstone Pitcher (quite a find at Goodwill for $12.99).
The beautiful lilac fragrance filled the little cottage.
 Also adding colour at the cottage are some bright orange azaleas.
Although orange isn't my favourite colour I do appreciate the colour it adds to the garden!
I thought some might look pretty arranged outside in a pitcher on my wrought iron table.
It is so relaxing to putter in the garden!
Just starting to bloom is my pink rhododendron.  I absolutely love this colour!

Hope you had a sunny relaxing weekend too!


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