Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Shabby Chic Shelley Tea

Happy New Year Dear Ladies!

Welcome to "A Shabby Chic Shelley Tea"!
After Christmas my hubby and I decided to do some treasure hunting at the Boxing Day Sales.  We stopped at Habitat for Humanity in Ferndale. 
 This pretty chintz Shelley was marked $15.00.  I didn't hesitate.  I just loved the colours and Shelley teacups are so hard to find.
At the counter the teacup rang through at $7.50.  I couldn't believe it!  Half price! It really was my lucky day!
This pink floral cherry blossom-like chintz pattern has brown branches surrounded with shades of pink flowers with mint greenery and spots of yellow. It is trimmed with coral on the handle and pedestal base of the teacup and outer trim of the saucer. It looks yellow in the pics, doesn't it?  I just found out that Bernideen also has the same special teacup!
Today I am also sharing my pastel pink tea set which you have seen before. 

 I love it's embossed texture and unique shape.
It is called Cream Lace Skye McChie.
In the winter I like to bring some of my white wicker patio furniture inside to protect it from the weather and enjoy it in our pinkish guest room.

The pink and mint green floral quilt was once my dear mother-in-law's. Don't you love that colour combination?
Mr. Cottage gave me the pink carnations on Christmas Eve and after one week they are still thriving. (I must admit that I did hint a little about how nice flowers would be for Christmas).  I find that carnations live much longer than other cut flowers. 
Thank you for joining me for
"A Shabby Chic Shelley Tea!"

Have a Wonderful 2014!


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Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Karen
    How I would love to join you for tea amongst all that lovely pink. The teacup you found has a pretty pattern and I didn't realize 'Cream Lace' came in pink, love the teapot, cream and sugar. I have the cream coloured teapot and the cutouts make it elegant looking.
    The lavender pillow I have was purchased from an antique dealer that is known for her linens. I have another pillow from her with lavender flowers embroidered on it.

  2. Adoro questo tuo post in rosa!Rosetta

  3. Happy New Year Karen:
    I only have 2 Shelley's and that is 1 of the 2 I found last year! It is so beautiful! Lovely posting!

  4. Karen:
    I couldn't get my reply button to work but thank you for sharing that I have that teacup. The header has a Bavarian Chocolate Pot - see the short spout. That means it is a chocolate pot. I have 3 tiny cups and saucers that match. Love your blog and always happy to have you at Friends Sharing Tea and Tea In The Garden!

  5. I love your pretty soft pink tea set, sooo beautiful.


  6. I would love to have tea in that beautiful room. I'm very happy for you that your teacup rang up at half price, what joy! The cup is beautiful with your tea set. It's a lovely post for a cold winter's day. (I'll be happy to get home back to warmer weather!)

  7. I just adore your shabby tea. The new tea cup, the pink pastel tea set, the cushions...everything is so beautiful!

  8. Karen,
    What a beautfiful post filled with so much eye candy!!
    Thanks for stopping by!


  9. Hey Karen, send me an email and we can chat more about swaps.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. Hi Karen. You got a treasure! I too have that set. It's called Maytime Chintz in the Henley shape. Shelley's chintz patterns are very popular. You got a GREAT buy on your treasure! I love your other lovely china and I love your wicker and quilt. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  11. Karen, you found a real treasure in that Shelley teacup! What a bargain! It is beautiful and I love the pale pink tea set. I haven't seen that pink Cream Lace anywhere. I have the creamy white pieces and my teapot is a different shape. Love all the soft colours in your post. Thank you for coming to tea and enjoy your day.


  12. I loved hearing your good fortune story! Yay! That is a scrumptious cup! Swoon worthy for sure! I am so thrilled for you and your new found Shelley. I am sure you are going to really enjoy her.

  13. Oh yes Karen, I do love it and bargain of the century! Yesterday I saw four Shelly tea cups, plus desert plates for about £25 per set of three pieces! Shelly is getting unbelievably expensive. But it is just so pretty, isn't it? :)

  14. The pink guest room looks like a cozy oasis. Wonderful pictures. Great bargain! This post is my Pick of the Week from Teacup Tuesday.

  15. What a fantastic find, and half pricegood for you. It is a lovely cup. The colour combinations on the quilt are also lovely. Great pictures. I'll be back for tea when my road trip is finished, seems too hard to manage on this pocket device, lol take care

  16. You have such a beautiful blog! I love your chintz cup and that pretty book. You surround yourself with beautiful things....I like that! Hugs!

  17. Karen, I love the new teacup and great price! The lacy pink tea set is absolutely gorgeous! So fun to cozy up with a cup and a beautiful cup. Thanks for sharing with SYC.