Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter Frost and Friendly Village

There is a light frost on the ground at the cottage and the sun is magical this morning!

A frosty winter morn like today is the perfect time to use my Johnson Brother's " The Friendly Village " china.
 I have been searching for Johnson Brother's The Friendly Village on every treasure hunt.
My sweet sister started my collection by giving me two beautiful  teacups.
Then I went to Salvation Army a few weeks ago and was ecstatic to find the teapot for $24.99.....
And the large pitcher.... also for $24.99.
Hubby and I found four tea plates for $3.00 each at the Vancouver Flea Market. (Help yourself to a piece of brownies with rich cream cheese icing). Yum!
Who could ask for a sweeter gift than this darling cream and sugar (another present from Sweet Sister for my birthday this week)? 
I love the wee creamer.
Did you know that these Friendly Village pieces are not all the same pattern?
Some are "Ice House", " Willow by the Brook " and  "Sugar Maples".
I love the way they blend together.
Their handles are the same.
Isn't it fun to add to your china collections?
Thank you for letting me share "The Friendly Village" with you today on this Frosty Winter Morn.
Take care,
 This week I will be joining these lovely blogspots:

Bernideen’s ~
Friends Sharing Tea

Tea on Tuesday

Tuesday Cuppa Tea

Teatime Tuesday

Teacup Tuesday

Hope to see you there!




  1. We have an 8 piece setting with plates, bowls, cups and saucers of this pattern, I bought the set at an estate sale for 40.00. I have been looking for a large pitcher for ages to no avail. You were so fortunate to find yours at the Salvation Army. It looks beautiful on your table.

  2. Hi Karen, I love Friendly Village too. We have 4 place settings and some serving pieces, but no teapot or pitcher. Those are lovely pieces. I enjoyed visiting you for tea today.

  3. I too love Friendly Village and I've been trying to add to my set as well. You have a thoughtful sister! I would like to find the big jug sometime as it makes such a pretty piece to hold posies. Thank you for sharing your wonderful tea table with us at Tea Time and enjoy your day.


  4. I love the Friendly Village pattern. Would love to find a teapot and pitcher at such a good price. They're beautiful. Happy birthday to you, too!

  5. You've done well to find so many pieces of the Friendly Village. It makes your tea table look lovely.

  6. I love your Friendly Village and your table is very romantic

  7. Ooh Karen
    I adore JB Friendly Village and would be ecstatic to find the teapot!! I love seeing your special collection and know you are enjoying it. xo

  8. This pattern evokes such love and homeyness - a perfect one for winter. I love it! So glad you shared at Friends Sharing Tea!

  9. Friendly Village is indeed a great china for winter mornings!

  10. Hello Karen,
    Your Friendly Village setting is perfect for your frosty day! I love this pattern, but do not own any of them yet. You are doing a great job finding more and more additions to your set. I have always loved china with scenes on them. This series really does have lots to look at! I am so thrilled for you that you found the tea pot at GW! I can only imagine how your heart skipped a beat when you laid eyes on it!

  11. Hi Karen,
    this is a fabulous set for winter time. I love the first photo with the sunray on the table. Sunlight makes a good mood in winter. And so does your Friendly Village set. Thank you for sharing this sweet tea time.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  12. I remember this set - it was our everyday dishes at home for years! not sure if there are any pieces left, but totally recognizing it. Thanks for sharing - perfect for this verrry cold winter morn here too [except we are buried under feet of snow!]
    Have a great day =)

  13. Hi Karen, I love that. I have one piece, a milk jug, also found at the Sally Anne. Now I just have your sentence swirling in my head; it is fun to add to one's china collection. Hope you're having a lovely week. :)

  14. Hi Karen: I have a tea cup in the design. I love the this pattern. You are so lucky to have the tea pot. Hope you are doing well. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Martha

  15. I love the way you captured the sunlight in your photos, showing your Friendly Village set. I think the set is charming and you're right, perfect for a cold winter's morning with the sun streaming in.