Monday, February 17, 2014

Cream and Lace Tea

Happy Teacup Tuesday and
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 "Cream and Lace Tea"!
I have had this elegant Spode's Jewel Copeland Billingsley Rose saucer for many months. I found it at a thrift store on one of my treasure hunting excursions for 99 cents.
I decided to order it's matching cup on e-bay when I found the best price ever ~ $3.00.

I love the pink rose on the handle and inner cup.

They are not exactly the same texture; 
the saucer has more of a raised embossed pattern.


I believe the saucer may be vintage and the cup to be a recent reproduction.

I found this creamy dreamy Wedgewood of Etruria Embossed Queens Ware teacup for $2.99 at Second Chance Thrift Shop in Lynden.

The Peppertree Tabletop teapot  and KF cream and sugar bowl are both Made in China.
Before you go, please help yourself to an oatmeal butterscotch chip cookie or sour cream muffin.
Thank you for visiting me today!
Have a lovely week!
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  1. Those all go together nice and make such a beautiful table! I think I would love sitting there and have a cuppa tea! So glad you shared!

  2. I love your cream teacups, Karen. The Spode is beautiful! Cream always looks so elegant, don't you think? A very pretty tea table and thank you for sharing and joining me for tea.


  3. Awe--so pretty. Tea just tastes better in a beautiful tea cup!

  4. Very beautiful and pretty your tea cups!

  5. Hello Karen,
    Those tea cups are so very romantic! The embossed patterns are a delight. I especially love the first cup. All whites are so pretty! Your tea time looks lovely, and I am sure your cookies will be delicious.

  6. Such lovely tea things. It's wonderful that you were able to find the cup to go with the saucer, even if it's not vintage.

  7. Hi Karen: Having some computer problems. Sorry I am so late for TT. Love your tea cups today. The best part was that you found them at thrift stores. I love that. Hope you are doing well. Sending hugs, Martha

  8. Yum yum! What an inviting tea! I've been watching the Spode lace cups on ebay but have not pulled the trigger yet.