Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Serena Tea


Welcome Sweet Friends to
"A Serena Tea"
Today the sun is shining brightly and I am in the mood for pink, pearls and roses.

This beautiful Royal Albert Vintage China pattern is one of my favourites.
This pattern was first introduced in 1945 and was discontinued in 1977.
 This tea cup is one of those luxurious wide open cups surrounded with pink roses on the inside and lovely flower decorations on the outer cup as well.
I believe it is called the Avon Shape.
While on my treasure hunts I managed to find the cake plate,
cream and sugar and
a tea plate in the matching pattern.
Thank you for visiting me today Sweet Friends!
Have a wonderful week!

This week I will be joining these lovely blogspots:

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Hope to see you there!



  1. Hi Karen thanks for the follow. Love the china. I love dishes. Those or beautiful. I hope you have a blessed weekend.

  2. Simply gorgeous! Love the pearls... *drooling* Thanks for stopping by :)
    Summer greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  3. I have seen this pattern before and it is really exceptional! You have some great treasures here!

  4. Liebe Karen,
    Oh, was für eine wunderschöne Seite und was für ein tolles Haus!
    Wir wohnen im wunderschönen Bayern in Deutschland und ich bin ein Fan von Cottages und Castles!
    Ich habe auch zwei erwachsene Kinder und noch eine Nachzüglerin.
    Vor 25 Jahren lebte ich auch für 3,5 Jahre in Goose Bay Labrador. War eine ganz wundervolle Zeit. Ich schaue mich noch ein wenig bei Dir um in deinem wunderschönen Heim.
    Schau doch mal bei mir vorbei, dort findest du auch meinen Blog zum anklicken
    Liebe Grüße Ursula

  5. Queste rose nelle tue tazze sono una meraviglia!Baci,Rosetta

  6. Very pretty!

    Happy Pink!

    Have a great new week.


  7. Oh...justt gorgeous! I love your pink and roses tea set. The pearl are dreamy

  8. Gorgeous Pattern! You can never go wrong with a lovely rose pattern like this!!
    Visiting via Pink Saturday :0)

  9. Serena is gorgeous, Karen! The pearls are beautiful too. I recently gifted my m-i-l's pearls to my daughter. It is so nice to share our family heirlooms with those who will cherish them. :)

  10. Your Royal Albert Serena teascape is just gorgeous. I know you enjoy the hunt for more pieces! What a story they could tell. Your images are so lovely with the sun shining on them. Happy Tea Day!

  11. I had not seen this Royal Albert Set before. It is so pretty!

  12. Hi Karen,

    Oh, Royal Albert - one of my favorites. Serena is such a gorgeous pattern. Everything looks so beautiful and I enjoyed sipping tea with you today.

  13. I haven't seen the Serena pattern from Royal Albert before but it is pretty and you're lucky to have found so many pieces to match.

  14. Love your teacup and how nice to find dishes to match! Pink and pearls so perfect for a winter day!

  15. Oh, Karen, what lovely pieces of Serena you have! I have only one teacup. Love the sweet little creamer! Living out in BC, you have so many wonderful thrift stores to visit. Here on the Island, we have so few and finding these vintage pieces is rather difficult. Beautiful post and thank you for sharing it with us.


  16. what is it about soft pink roses that makes the heart sing with joy? this little tea plate is exquisite. Susie

  17. Hello Karen,
    What a gorgeous pattern! I think this trio is stunning, as well as the other pieces. It's vibrant roses really brighten up any area. I do adore that cup shape as well. So regal!

  18. Hi Karen, I have to agree there is something so serene about tea cups and pearls. Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Dear Karen,
    I LOVE Serena! The ultimate in femininity. You were lucky to find all those pieces. Your pictures are arranged beautifully.
    Thank you for letting us enjoy Serena too. (I have one cup and saucer too)
    Best, Ruthie