Monday, February 24, 2014

A Reflective Tea Time!

Welcome Teacup Lovers to
A Reflective Tea Time!
 The sun is smiling in through the window.

Today I have set our tea time beside our 36 year old French Provincial Loveseat.  I am reflecting about the past...... I went shopping with my mom and dad and chose this furniture.  How quickly the time passed. 

This furniture had been in my living room for many years until  I recently inherited my mother's antique settee.

For now this rosy, pink button back loveseat  has it's home in the Master Bedroom.
I wanted to share a fortunate find - this pearl white with gold gilt tea pot. As I reflect, it beautifully reflects the light and illuminates multi - colours deep within the finish of the china.  I can almost see my reflection. Do you see tones of pink and turquoise? 
I found the teapot for $5.99 at Salvation Army and the similar coloured cream and sugar were just $.99 cents each at Goodwill.
 One of the teacups I am sharing today is not a matched set. The cup is an Aynsley and the saucer is Royal Albert's Rainbow.
The pinks are identical.
I love the pretty pink rose with gold leaves on the inner cup.
The other matched teacup is a Paragon.
The inner cup also has a pink rose but is surrounded by colourful fruits.


I am welcoming the sunshine and I hoping for an early spring!
I hope that you can also take time today to reflect upon the past and look ahead to happy, sunny spring days!


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Hope to see you there! 


  1. Hello Karen,
    What pretty tea things! The teapot is a wonderful find and it has such a pretty shape. We have the same pink 'hobnail' vase. I love mine and I use it a lot. Lovely pink teacups too. Thank you for sharing and joining me for Tea Time. Have a delightful day.


  2. Everything goes together so well...what perfect accompaniements to the antique loveseat. So nice you have a family history there. Just lovely!

  3. Pretty teacups and teapot and a lovely place to sit and reflect. Have a lovely week, Karen.

  4. I've always liked the lines of French Provincial furniture, and in pink is perfect. Your teapot and cream and sugar finds are pretty and it would be nice to join you for tea and reflection.

  5. Your teapot is such a wonderful find and goes so well with your beautiful teacups. Love the pinks. Your loveseat is marvelous. Everything so romantic. Happy Tea Day!

  6. Just beautiful.. I love all them Tea cups.....and your pretty couch and chair.. Have a great new week..with love Janice

  7. Dear Karen,
    What a pretty in pink tea!

  8. What a lovely place to sit! The tea pot and the tea cups are very romantic

  9. Love that antique love seat. I provides nice memories for you. And I enjoyed seeing all of your tea things. They all go so well together.

  10. I shared the same Aynsley but in white. I hope you are doing great. Email me and let me know what is going on in your life. Hugs, Martha

  11. I love your pretty pink settee, Karen. I also love your wonderful finds from the Salvation Army. Lucky you!! You've set a beautiful tea. xo

  12. Holy smokes Karen, that was a lucky find at the thrift shop. I have to come visit you because the thrift shops here NEVER have those kinds of bargains! Your rosy table and living room furniture look very lovely and welcoming and warm on this chilly cold day. Although, I just drove to Pitt Meadows the other day, and there was less snow than here on the North Shore! Oh, I just realised I have the exact same pink vase you have. I think Sandi (rose chintz cottage) has the same one too! Hope your week is shaping up to be just lovely. Big hugs.

  13. Hello Karen, I think you are super lucky, but I also think you have "the eye" for all things romantic and beautiful : )
    I love this new tea pot. It is a beauty. All your tea cups are ones I would love to have too. All of them such lovely designs. It all looks lovely against the backdrop of your pink settee.

  14. Lovely tea pot and the cup - I always fall in love with pink tea cups! Happy Teacup Tuesday!

  15. Beautiful. I love your china... Happy Friday, Karen.

  16. I like your room, very elegant!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.