Monday, June 16, 2014

An Old Country Rose Tea

Welcome Teacup Lovers To

"An Old Country Rose Tea".

A few months ago sis and I were dividing up some of my mom's teacups.  She graciously offered me my mother's Royal Albert's Old Country Rose cup and saucer.

Love it's pattern of rich roses!

Then at Maple Ridge's Bibles for Missions I found a second teacup for $7.50.

But perhaps my luckiest find ever was at Lynden's Second Chance where I found the teapot.  It was marked $19.99.  How could I resist?
There were no chips or scratches.
What would you have done?

Oh yes, I must confess....
I weakened and also purchased the matching cream and sugar for $10.00,  four bread and butter plates ( $2.99 each) and four luncheon plates ($3.99 each).

The other matching pieces I have had for years ~

This Royal Doulton figurine "Sarah" has roses
on her dress.

Hubby and I planted the pink roses last summer

 and now they are in full bloom and so we can enjoy them indoors. (It's raining as I take the pic).

Well, we won't be going out for lunch or dinner any time soon because of my latest additions .... but it won't it be fun to stay at home and use my new china?  

Just looking at pretty china gives me joy!

Hoping you have a joyful week, too!

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  1. I have a 12 piece setting of Royal Albert's Old Country Rose. I just love the colors. I love Roses. You have a wonderful collection of add on pieces to go with yours. Wonderful display.

  2. You can't do better than Royal Albert's Old Country Rose. You found some great pieces at wonderful prices. So nice to have some from your Mom, too. Happy Tea Day!

  3. Wow! You hit the jackpot with that OCR teapot, Karen! My family all chipped in on one for me when we were visiting out in Vancouver at Christmastime a year ago. It was a birthday present. I won't dare tell you what price they paid for it though. You were fortunate to find so many lovely pieces and the teacup that was your mother's is beautiful! I also have one of those. BC has so much to offer in the way of treasures compared to little old PEI. Thrifting has to be blast for you! Thank you for sharing your lovely OCR tea and joining me for tea. Looking forward to your tea next week. Have a beautiful day.


  4. I have 8 place settings of ORC and a number of the matching pieces. My dear husband bought me the teapot one year as an anniversary gift. I bet he paid more than you did. I got a lot of mine from New Brunswick and later from an outlet store here in PA. It is just the prettiest set ever!

  5. Boy do you have great shops by you! Unfortunately we don't. Old Country Roses is one of the 10 most beloved china patterns. No surprise! Just beautiful! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  6. I loved seeing your Old Country Roses and the fact that they were your Mom's is really wonderful. The extra pieces your picked up were a great bargain too! I think you will especially love this at Christmas Time as it seems to just sparkle then Karen. Will it be at the Castle maybe? Seems like a Castle tea set to Me!

  7. Your romantic china gives me joy too! Such beauitful! Sarah and her dress are gorgeous

  8. Hi: I love your Royal Doulton lady and the matching china. It has always been a favorite of mine. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  9. The price you paid for the teapot was a real steal, glad you've been able to find matching pieces for a reasonable cost. The table looks wonderful with all your rose themed china and accessories.

  10. Hi Karen, Your table is so beautiful with the Old Country Roses dishes! Isn't it so much fun when we find such pretty dishes at good prices I found a complete set for four of Royal Albert Autumn Roses at a thrift store. Still can't believe my luck, so beautiful! I did a post about them last fall. Have a good weekend!
    Hugs, Nancy