Saturday, June 7, 2014

Thank you Romantic Homes Magazine

Hello Dear Friends! 

Today I am just ecstatic to share my exciting news with you. 

Last summer I submitted some pics from  "A Romantic Garden Party" to Romantic Homes Magazine. 

I had nearly forgotten about it but then about a month ago Meryl Schoenbaum contacted me by phone.  We had a lovely conversation and she said that A Romantic Garden Party would be featured in the July issue. 

I have a subscription to this beautiful magazine and was eagerly awaiting good news.

I wouldn't believe it until I saw it...... and this week I went to the mailbox at the cottage and did a happy dance! 

A Romantic Garden Party photograph is shown in the July Issue on the "My Home" section (page 26) with a brief quote from my post. 

I have always admired those ladies whose homes and gardens were featured in this magazine and never thought it could possibly happen to me!

If you would like to see more of this post click here:

Thank you dear Meryl for noticing my photos! 

Thank you Romantic Homes for featuring my photograph and sharing my blogspot in your very romantic magazine!

I am truly honoured!


  1. Wow Karen! Congratulations on the magazine! You deserve this success. Your tea times are always so beautiful and very romantic, i love them very much

  2. This is such a wonderful honor. Your garden tea was spectacular and deserved the lovely feature. I always enjoy all your pretty tea times. Congratulations.

  3. That is so wonderful--congrats! I just saw the magazine :)