Sunday, October 18, 2015

Chintz for Tea Time

Hello China Lovers,

Today I would like to share my very small Chintz collection.

The newest being this Welbeck 1995 Royal Winton teapot.

Do you know where I found it?  Yes, you guessed it ...... Goodwill.

I fell in love with the pretty colours and roses. 

It will have a special home with some favourite teapot friends.

My dear friend Dawn recently gifted me with this precious Johnson Brother's coffee pot.


Such lovely pastel tones.

I have had this vintage "Rosalynde" James Kent teacup as long as I can remember.

I believe I got it at a Sunday Flea Market in Queen's Park Arenex when I was 16.

  My Mother, Sister and I would go after church every Sunday. 

That would mean that I have had it for nearly 44 years!!!  Yikes!

Like transferware, Chintz china seems to blend nicely together too.

This pretty  Colclough is a similar shape to the James Kent.

Some time ago I was pleased to find this Royal Winton Cream and sugar at Salvation Army for $2.99.

Thank you for stopping by for 
Chintz for Tea Time!

See you next week!


This week I will be joining these beautiful blogspots:

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Hope to see you there!


  1. O my I need your Johnson bros Teapot.. I have the dishes, such a wonderful gift... I have been on the search. I have the same chitz teapot.. We have the same taste.. Happy Sunday. With love Janice

  2. You have the most amazing collection of teapots! The chintz one is no exception. I like its bold shape with the chintz pattern. I really like the chintz pieces you have. Some patterns can get too busy, but yours have nice visible floral features. As always, your Goodwill finds blow me away.

  3. Hi Karen,
    Your newest Chintz find is so pretty! As are all of your teapots! I do not have any Chintz, only the JB Rose Chintz.
    Have a great day!

  4. Oh my goodness Karen, I just can't believe the wonderful deals that you find at Goodwill! Your chintz teapot is soooo pretty, but I also love you JB gifted teapot, too. Your teacups and your tiered stand make for such a lovely chintz tea party. Happy tea day!

  5. Karen, what beautiful teapots you have! I wish we had a Goodwill here like yours. You find the most amazing treasures and to think you found the chintz there! Beautiful china, Karen! Thank you for sharing with us and coming to tea. Have a beautiful day.

    Autumn blessings,

  6. La tua collezione è bellissima!Bella così davanti al sofà!Buon tea!rosetta

  7. Hi Karen: That Chintz tea pot is amazing. I love chintz and it is so expensive. You are so lucky to have found it at Goodwill. Love it when stuff like that happen. Hugs, Martha

  8. Hi Karen...what a wonderful chintz collection! I love all the Royal Winton chintzes and Kent ones to! And what a wonderful teapot collection! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  9. Wow! I can't believe you were lucky enough to find a Welbeck teapot at Goodwill!

  10. Your yellow chintz teapot is another great score at the Goodwill! I saw a similar Colclough teacup at the Salvation Army last spring and now I'm kicking myself for not getting it.

  11. Your collection is just fantastic! I love everything especially the tea pot and the coffee pot. Your home is very cozy.

  12. Karen:
    This is the bargain of a lifetime. That teapot was sold through Victoria Magazine for like $175.00. There is one at an antique mall in Ft Collins in a case and the lady has $175.00 on it. I have looked at it for about 3 years and she hasn't sold it yet. Sometimes she has it on sale for $150.00 but that nuts. Yours is the same one! Congratulations. See, you broken the Roses and Ivy one but this more than makes up for that! So glad you shared!

  13. You style the prettiest, most romantic tea times. And I can't believe the deals you find!! That chintz teapot is lovely, and so is the beautiful coffee pot your friend gave you. And that RW cream and sugar was a great deal too! (Referring back to your previous post, yes, I love to use my Friendly Village dishes for Thanksgiving!)

  14. Gorgeous chintz...What fab finds at the Salvation Army and Goodwill! You have a great eye! I adore when I find something special like that....

  15. Hello Karen,
    It is very nice to visit you again for tea! Your chintz collection is very lovely! I have a smaller collection than you. lol. Your new tea pot is just stunning! You really are a lucky person : ) I have a reproduction of this tea pot.
    Happy Autumn to you,