Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Sweet Violet Tea

Hello My Dear Teacup Friends

Welcome to

 "A Sweet Violet Tea Time."

I hope that you are enjoying this first week of October my dear friends.  
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 Usually I want to share my pretty pink china with you but did you know that I also  love purple and mint green together?  

This pretty Royal Stafford Made in England teacup is entitled "Sweet Violets".

I have two identical Sweet Violets teacups.  They were once my dear mother's.

Such a pretty scalloped rim 

and footed base.

This is one of my most treasured Sadler teapots. I believe it is from the 1930's? I found it at a church sale 20 years ago for $8.00.

This minty green colour blends so nicely with my favourite pink teacups too.

I have actually been searching on e-bay for this pink/rose cubed Sadler teapot.

(internet pic)

 Last week I bidded on one that was similar to this and it eventually sold on e-bay auction $510 U.S.  Do you believe it?  (No cream and sugar was included) 

Isn't it pretty?

Friends, we don't know how much our pretties are worth!  Did you know that's nearly $700 in Canadian dollars? At that price,  I suppose I will just have to keep  treasure hunting at my favourite thrift stores and hope that someday I will find a rose one.  Lol!

Do you find beauty in one of your teapots too?
I am curious what your favourite shape and manufacturer is.  

The creamer is also called "Sweet Violets".

What are your favourite colour combinations?

Thank you for stopping by today.

Have a Wonderful Week!


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  1. Karen, I really enjoyed this post. I agree purple and mint green really complement one another. It is so nice and meaningful that you have your mother's teacups. I love the teacups' handles. Wow, that Sadler is amazing and to think you bought yours at a church sale! The current price for the pink Sadler is unbelievable. I would be so paranoid just to hold it.
    I have very few teapots. But the more teapots I see on blogs, leads me to think Sadler is one of my favorites. I only have a small one in the Blue Willow pattern.
    Happy Tea Time!

  2. Your violet tea time is very elegant and charming. The china is very delicate

  3. What gorgeous teacups from your dear mom, Karen. Yes, the Violet's go so well with your mint green Sadler teapot. Of course, pink and mint green is another favorite combo. I love different color combos depending on the season. Is that a Royal Doulton figurine that you have pictured? Your violet as a centerpiece is so pretty, too.
    Happy Tea Day to you!

  4. Those are cute teacups and I love the teapot. I agree that sometimes we have no idea what the things we have might be worth, monetarily more than in memories.

  5. So the search is on for the pink cubed Sadler? I just found 2 Sadler's at a great price but hardly ever see the cubed ones. I think certain countries have them in abundance like New Zealand and Australia. Isn't that strange. They must have been imported there more years ago. I always think it is mostly the military people who brought the English pieces to Colorado. Yesterday I saw 2 teapots for $15.00 each that were very nice but now that I don't have my shop anymore I am not buying things to sell or otherwise I would have bought them.

    Karen: I love your Mom's teacups with all that detail and that pretty teapot your have and I adore the little figurine girl. I will keep my eyes pealed for a pink Sadler!

  6. Karen, your mint green Sadler is a real treasure! I LOVE everything about it. And yes, the pink one is a delight to the eyes. Your mother's violet teacups are darling. They are so pretty and dainty. I hope you find your pink Sadler. I never see them at all around here. I guess my favourite teapot makers are Sadler, Johnson Bros., and of course Royal Albert. They each have a charm all their own. My favourite colour combos, well, that's difficult because I like almost every colour in the rainbow. But I am partial to pink, aqua, and green and I do collect red transferware as you know. I am leaning more and more towards the blue transferware also. I blame two of our tea friends for that! Not mentioning any names though. Ha!Ha! Your posting today is lovely and lots of fun. Thanks for sharing with us and have a beautiful day, my friend.


  7. And thank you for your sweet comment on my beach story. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  8. These violet teacups are beautiful and delicate! They remind me of the Gracie teaware I have been collecting because it is so inexpensive and easy to find. The teapot is a treasure for sure. Such a pretty tea!

  9. I'm a purple fanatic so I adore your sweet violet teacups! Sadler is one of my favourite teapot makers and I've been fortunate to find them at waaayyy cheaper prices ($510 USD is too rich for my blood!) at my local thrift stores. I'll have to keep an eye out for the pink cubed Sadler teapot out here.

  10. I love the delicate violets, but your teapot made me swoon! It's gorgeous. Even more so because it was such a wonderful bargain. It found a good home with you.

  11. Very sweet and dainty, tea set. Love it!...Christine