Sunday, April 10, 2016

Blossom Time for Tea

The Cherry Blossoms are in Bloom!

Don't you love this time of year?

Although today is a cloudy April day....

I thought some pretty pink  cherry blossoms would be cheery  for our  early outdoor spring tea time.

The Royal Albert china pattern is entitled

"Blossom Time"!

Sadly, the crows and raccoons have destroyed our front grass in search of the chafer beetle.  Do any of you know how to prevent this on your lawn?

 (Some neighbours have tried everything and are resorting to artificial turf.)

Last week I found this lid - less pale pink Sadler teapot at Value Village.  I couldn't resist it.

The other vintage pinky teapot was once my grandmother's.  It is an Arthur Wood.

(For some reason I have always thought it was a Sadler).

I am so very honoured that my post from last week Hello April was featured on Bernideen's Tea Time Cottage and Garden and on Sandi's No Place Like Home this week.  Thank you so much Bernideen and Sandi!

Thank you Sweet Tea Friends for stopping by today for 

"Blossom Time for Tea!"

See you next week!

This week I will be joining these beautiful blogspots:

Bernideen's ~
Bernideen's Tea Time Cottage and Garden Blog Party

Beverly ~
Pink Saturday

Martha ~ 
Tea on Tuesday

Tuesday Cuppa Tea

No Place Like Home

Hope to see you there!


  1. Dear Karen:
    I love the pattern "Blossom Time" and your pieces are wonderful. I will be starting up my "Tea In The Garden" blog party again in a few weeks. I am amazed at your lovely green garden and that cherry tree is beautiful A tree was blooming here next to the pondwhen we arrived in March and it turns out to be a peach tree (I believe) since I found peach seeds on the ground around it. I will be excited about that if it produces real fruit which it must. Your garden looks so developed. I am sure it snowing now in Colorado. So different everywhere we live!

  2. Lucky you to have a cherry blossom festival going on in your own backyard! The cherry blossom trees in Toronto are expected to bloom in late April/early May as a result of the winter weather we've been experiencing. We're expecting up to 10 cm of snow overnight. Sigh.

    Love the soft pink hues of your teapots. They blend together beautifully with the Blossom Time tea set!

    I'm glad that the happy conclusion to my Sadler sugar and creamer search made you smile. Too many tea pretties have gotten away because of my indecisiveness so I need to remember your "get it or regret it!" mantra.

  3. Oh wow Karen, what a beautiful pink tea setting you created today! Love the cherry blossoms and that Royal Albert pattern, I love that! How special to have your grandmother's pink tea set, just precious!
    Have a wonderful week my sweet friend!

  4. Hi Karen, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I absolutely love the tea cups and teapots you have. I have a sugar and creamer in the Royal Albert silver birch pattern which is very similar to yours. You live in such a lovely area. I'm originally from Washington State but now live in southern California. Have a wonderful week. Pat xx

  5. I LOVE this Royal Albert pattern!!! Your pink tea setting is fabulous, very romantic. Thanks for sharing your fairy tea time

  6. I love this!! Beautiful table indeed.

    Charlotte Moore

  7. Such lovely dishes! I always love when cherry trees are blossoming!

  8. Your Blossom Time tea is just beautiful under your tree, Karen! Your lid-less teapot looks so pretty filled with flowers and your grandmother's teapot is a beauty!

  9. Karen, I love Blossom Time and I have a plate and teacup. Your cherry tree is amazing and I adore the pink blossoms. Your Sadler is almost identical to mine. Mine too is lid-less but no matter, like you, I can fill it with flowers. Your grandmother's teapot is gorgeous too. Who doesn't love pink? Your property, so lush and green, sure looks different from ours here. My son and DIL have been sending us pictures lately trying to make us jealous and it's working. Beautiful post and thanks for sharing it with us. Enjoy your day.


  10. Just gorgeous...and how nice you can be outside! I love Blossom time and have the teapot. The pink palette is so soft and pleasing. Your Arthur Wood teapot reminded me besides a Sadler, of a Hall "windscreen" teapot I have had. Such a pretty post! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  11. This post is "practically perfect in every way". :)
    I love how the 2 teapots compliment each other so well. Also, it looks like you've carved out a lovely little spot in your neighborhood, to view, but still find respite. I love the Blossom Time tea set! And under the very tree. So wonderful.
    Blessings to you,
    Heather Elizabeth

  12. What a delightfully beautiful table! The Blossom Time china is perfect with the cherry blossoms and pink teapots. Just lovely.

  13. A beautiful table setting and a real introduction to spring with the pretty pinks.


  14. Just beautiful I love every piece. With love Janice