Friday, August 23, 2013

More Pink Roses at the Cottage!

I thought that I wouldn't see any more of my favourite pink roses in bloom until next summer.
What a delight when I discovered 15 more pink buds forming!
Should I cut them?  Or should I enjoy them outdoors......
Well, perhaps just " two"  to enjoy inside the cottage....

Do you like this lidless Lefton hand painted teapot that I recently found at Goodwill for $4.99?

Don't you think it needed a couple of pink roses to top it off?


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  1. wunderschöne rosen und eine bezaubernde grüne kanne!!! alles liebe, angie

  2. Your roses are beautiful! I always have a debate with myself about cutting my flowers to bring inside too. I usually end up not cutting them because they make me sad to see them quickly wilt on my kitchen counter top.

    I love that teapot! You got such a great buy and it's perfect for your roses. Happy Pink Saturday! ~ Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  3. A Lefton teapot from Goodwill?? Wow - what a bargain! Your pink roses are lovely - wish I had better luck growing roses, where I live. The soil is just all wrong and I am not much of a gardener. Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. Roses are my favorites and yours are still very pretty. Mine are all gone.

  5. I too would have snagged that lidless teapot up in a heartbeat! It makes a perfect vase and what a beauty!

  6. Your roses look gorgeous in the teapot! We are still enjoying ours as well but whether to cut them or leave them on the bush is a never ending dilemma!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  7. The roses are so pretty
    Happy...Happy...Happy Pink Saturday!
    God bless and strengthen you in all things!

  8. That's so pretty and so romantic Karen. My red roses are having a second blooming but a wasp nest has happened right behind them so we have to evict the wasps before I can get at the roses. How are the wasps in Vancouver this year? Here in OXON they've been amazingly prolific because of the lovely summer. Darn, always something, isn't there? Thank you so much for telling me about your renos, I was wondering how you're doing. Gosh I've been working on that garden design and implementation so hard this summer, (with my limited time), so I've been a bit out of touch. Anyway, things are slowing down now so I have more time. Have a lovely weekend and I hope some of the "summer garden machines" get cleaned up soon. :)

  9. Roses and teapots just go together, don't they?? Love it! Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Nice roses,pretty teapot.Lovely!