Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Kris Kringle Tea

Welcome Friends
"A Kris Kringle Tea"
I hope that you're getting in the Christmas spirit.
Today I wanted to share a special vintage toy with you. 
This wee metal vintage Kris Kringle was mine when I was a little girl.  It used to have a key and I would wind him up and his wheels would scoot along the floor. 
He reminds me of Christmas' past.
Every Christmas morning my dear father, with a sparkle in his eye, would tell my sweet sister and I  to close our eyes before we would walk into the living room and gather around the Christmas tree surrounded by presents. It was such a happy family Christmas tradition.
I'm not sure how old this Kris Kringle is but it is likely from the 1950's.
Today I am using some 'new to me' Christmas patterned china.
I have chosen a white Johnson Brothers teapot and matching cream and sugar.
The teapot was once my dear mother-in-laws.
My lovely niece (sweet sister's daughter) gave me this darling swarovski gingerbread crystal decoration for Christmas one year.

Sweet Sister recently gave me the matching cream and sugar!
I have added some gold angel table glitter on the tablecloth.
Poinsettias always make a pretty Christmas Centerpiece.
Help yourself to a shortbread cookie or a candy cane.
 What is your favourite Christmas memory?

Thank you for joining me today for

"A Kris Kringle Tea"

Enjoy your week!

This week I will be joining:

 Bernideen’s ~
Friends Sharing Tea
Share Your Cup Thursday
 Martha~ Tea On Tuesday
Tuesday Cuppa Tea
Sandi  ~
Teatime Tuesday


Hope to see you there!


  1. Good Morning Karen, Thank you for the shortbreads they are one of my favourites. I can make them all year but choose to only make them at this time of year keeping the month of December a special one. Lovely memories, old Kris Kringle looks like he has been around. Favourite memories..... ah let me see I'd have to say getting a bike one year for Christmas but then having to look at it until the snow left the ground to ride. It was sweet to finish off with your sugar and milker. Have a great week

  2. Karen I so loved your post I featured you on my blog post this am. Kris Kringle was a favourite of mine. I looked and didn't/ can't find your email so I'm sending you a sweet message here, come look and enjoy

  3. How wonderful to see the precious treasure of Kris Kringle. Your darling Christmas tea set is wonderful for a tea party. The lovely white tea set is so heartwarming on how you received the different pieces. Your home is beautiful and I'm so glad you shared it. Have and awesome Christmas!


  4. Hi Karen,
    Your little Kris Kingle is a wonderful memento from your childhood. Sounds like Christmas was a special time at your house. I guess my favourite memory of Christmases growing up was the year we got Jingles, our cocker spaniel. He was the sweetest puppy! My brother and I nearly ate him we loved him so much! He was sleeping in the dog house that our father had built for him and it was sitting beside the tree. What a surprise he was!
    Your tea things are lovely and shortbread is always a fav this time of year. The crystal gingerbread man from your niece is adorable. Thank you for coming to tea and have a lovely and joyous week.

    Christmas blessings,

  5. The metal Kris Kringle must have been special to hang on to it all this time, a nice reminder of childhood memories. Shortbread is a must in our house, it's the thing that reminds me of home growing up - having a cookie with tea with my parents.

  6. Your Kris Kingle is so sweet and lovely. I love the gingerbread too and your white china is very pretty

  7. Hi Karen,
    what a lovely memory holds this Kris Kringle. When I was child I had some tin toys, which could be wind up. Was always fun. Your home is beautiful and very charming decorated. The tea set looks beautiful, too. Nice idea to adorn the tea pot with the little Swarovski treasure. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tea time. Have a blessed Chritmas time.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  8. Hi Karen, oh my gosh, I love and collect old toys. This Santa is out of this word wonderful. I also love your crystal gingerbread man. I've got a little swarowski snowman in a snow globe ornament. Gosh, how similar we are. :) I hope your next few frantic days of Christmas preparations go smoothly and peacefully. I've left Vancouver, where I've set up the tree and decorated for Christmas, and now have to do it all over again in West Cottage...on jet-lag... :)

  9. Hi Karen: I see you have been busy. I do hope you are doing well. Your table looks lovely. Have you in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings, Martha

  10. I love this special toy you have kept and cherished all these years and how you used it to create this post. This is lovely! I love your teapot memories too from your Mother In Law!

  11. Karen:
    I couldn't remember who told me they also had that Shelley cup and saucer but I wondered if it was you. I went back and tweaked my post with a link to you too!