Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Windy Tea

Welcome Sweet Friends to

"A Windy Tea".

The sun at the cottage is inconsistent today; moving out from behind the clouds occasionally .... and the wind is blistery.   But the weather won't keep us from having an outdoor tea time.  

Can you see that the pink shawl is blowing in the wind?

Please put it around your shoulders if you are chilly.  

The teapot today for our windy tea is an Arthur Wood.

I just love porcelain with painted pink roses and greenery!

This Crown Dorset china teacup resembles the flower pattern in the teapot.

This Royal Albert teacup has pretty pink budding roses.

Isn't there just something so cozy about white wicker patio furniture?

And a warm cup of tea on a windy day is so calming and cozy too. 

 Thank you for joining me today for

"A Windy Tea!"

Have a wonderful week!


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Hope to see you there!


  1. That's beautiful Karen! It reminds me of a scene in Anne of Green Gables!
    Have a great week,

  2. What a pretty spot for your tea, Karen. I love white wicker and your table setting is very cozy. The teapot is lovely and so are the teacups. The Crown Dorset is especially sweet. Thank you for coming to tea and enjoy your day.


  3. I'd love to join you for tea with the pretty rose teacups and gorgeous teapot. I should think it would be easier to pour with a handle like that.
    I'll bring a sweater if the wind is cool.

  4. The pink and whites in this tea are so pretty, especially with the wicker set. That teapot is very pretty and I like the different shape to it with that handle. That's a great title for your tea by the way :).

  5. A lovely setting for your tea the china is beautiful!

  6. Another such beautiful such romantic and dreamy tea time!

  7. I loved seeing your pretty teapot and teacups, Karen. What a beautiful setting you have, even though it was a windy day.

  8. What a lovely pink and white tea time. Our doors is good, even in a breeze! Fresh air feels so good. Hopefully though, the changeable weather will balance out some before too long and we can have more tea outside.
    Your vintage tea cups are gorgeous!

  9. What a pretty tea you are having today. Our weather keeps doing things that make it hard to have tea outside. I really!!! like that teacup from Royal Albert.

  10. So lovely I truly love the rose bud tea cup and saucer very nice.. We were having several windy windy days too.. the leaves were driving me crazy.. with love Janice

  11. Hello :) I'm joining You for Tea through Teri's party. We've never "met",so nice meeting a new Tea Time friend.I too could have a windy Tea,where I live is extremely windy at times and boy oh boy the last few day it was heavy wind here in Rancho Cucamunga CA. I'm Your newest follower-a pleasure.Blessings Denise from Coffeeberry Cottage

  12. Hi Karen: I love your tea cups today. Each one seems even prettier than the next. Hope you are doing well. Sending hugs your way. Martha

  13. Hello Karen,

    What a perfect spot for tea. You have set the loveliest table for afternoon tea. I love the sweet pink and white combination. But my favorite is that gorgeous tea cup with the rose.



  14. The crown Dorset teacup really does look as if it is the same pattern as the teapot. Your outdoor tea looks inviting , and with the pink shawl to wrap up in a bit of wind wouldn't bother me at all !

  15. I am new following you! I love tea and anything to do with tea! Such a beautiful tea pot and cups. I enjoyed visiting your tea party. HPS to you and enjoy a beautiful weekend.