Monday, August 25, 2014

An End of August Tea Time

Welcome Sweet Friends to

"An End of August Tea Time"

Summer is quickly coming to an end and I am already seeing some fall leaves on the ground.

Every spring I like to create and plant my own baskets with my favourite coloured flowers. Usually (of course) I choose ones with various shades of pink but sometimes I am surprised by the colours that emerge. 

My petunias have managed to survive the warm summer this year.

The geraniums, alyssum and begonia bedding plants have also thrived this year.

The flourishing white orchid was a gift from Anna's mother Lanny.  Usually I don't have much success with orchids but this one has found a happy home by the light of the front door.

Usually I don't have much success with orchids but this one has found a happy home by the light of the front door.

Today I am sharing a teacup that is very special to me which I received as a gift in June.  My daughter-in-law's sweet aunt Lulu gifted me with this gorgeous turquoise beauty!

Lulu lives in California and I understand that there are wonderful shops there.  How I would love to travel to California again.

Such a stunning gold rimmed scalloped edge on the cup and saucer!

Love the pink roses and greenery on the inner cup and saucer!

Do you see the authentic dragon pattern?

 (I only just noticed it after taking the pic.)

Perhaps Ruth  from Antiques and Teacups 

knows the history and background regarding the dragon pattern.

This rare and elegant vintage collectible is Royal Stafford Bone China Made in England from approximately the 1950's.

It has a delicate and scalloped wide gold  pedestal base.

Isn't it such a dainty handle too?

I thought an English muffin with raspberry jam might be tasty with your tea.

Thank you dear and kind Lulu and Lanny for the generous gifts.  You do know exactly what I love and treasure!

Thank you also to you sweet  friends for taking the time to visit me today for

"An End of August Tea Time!"

I do hope you all can enjoy the end of August!


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Hope to see you there!


  1. Gorgeous! I absolutely love your wonderful gifted teacup! A great maker and I love the color. So pretty with your teapot. Your orchids are beautiful...I have never managed to get them to grow for me, so gave up! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. I enjoyed visiting you end of August Tea.... and what a wonderful cup and saucer. I am continued to be amazed at all the beautiful tea cups out there.

  3. What a lovely set of cups and saucers along with teapot makes the perfect end of summer tea. While in Texas we share August, it is so green and inviting, here it is 102F and brown every where, we have to wait at least another 30 days for some relief. Keep up the great efforts,

  4. Lovely tea and I adore your teacup.

  5. Wonderful tablescape. Your Royal Stafford teacup is marvelous. I've never seen one like it. The aqua color is wonderful. I'm a big lover of dragons and I noticed them first thing! Lucky you! Happy Tea Day!

  6. Aqua is such a pretty colour and your teacup looks wonderful on the lace cloth for your end of August tea.

  7. I love your garden tea today with the pretty lace cloth and your lovely flowers. Your new teacup is just wonderful and looks perfect with your teapot. Lucky you!!!

  8. What a gorgeous teacup, Karen! I love the colour of it and it does look stunning with your teapot. Lovely lace on the table and the setting with your posies, especially that orchid, is so delightful. Thank you for joining me for tea and have a beautiful week.


  9. I love your tea pot and teacup set. Such pretty colors! What a lovely outdoor setting!....Christine

  10. What lovely colors! I like the turquoise so much, that I simply had to pin it to my Tea Cup Tuesday Pinterest Board, linking directly to your blog post. It was is so nice sharing Tea Cup Tuesday with you. My blog is stop by for tea cup fun, and say "hi".

  11. That is a gorgeous teacup, so many beautiful details. I love the color. I also noticed that jam dish -- very pretty. And your hall table that the orchid sits on is also lovely. You have a perfect setting for tea, with all the colorful flowers around you!

  12. Hi: I know I stopped by here yesterday and posted a comment. I must be going crazy. Love the teal cup, it is just stunning. Your yard looks so pretty. We are on water rations, so sad to see some parts of my yard. Sending hugs your way. Love, Martha

  13. Oh my! That turquoise color is soooo appealing. What a glorious cup and teapot to compliment it. On to the last picture-I found you have three teacups in that color. wow. I guess you will keep your eye out for more and be drawn to that color when shopping. Makes it fun to have a goal like that. So pretty! Love your other blues too in the figure and hobnail glass. Best, Ruthie

  14. A great pleasure for my eyes to see again your tea time...just gorgeous everything. The flowers, the tablecloth and the tea cup is simply wonderful.

  15. That's a beautiful cup and saucer and matches the teapot so well! Your plants and orchid are lovely!