Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pink and Mint Green for Tea

Welcome Sweet Friends To

"Pink and Mint Green For Tea!"

Today I am sharing two matching dainty 
mint green teacups.

The background almost looks like polka dots from a distance.

Love the Pink Roses!

The mint green teapot and pink cream and sugar are both Sadler ~ Made in England.

How I would love to find the matching pink teapot for the cream and sugar!

But I do love this  mint shade too.  I found it in the basement of a church thrift sale many years ago for under $10.

I am so pleased that I can enjoy the African Violets  in bloom.

Thank you for joining me today for a

 "Pink and Mint Green For Tea!"

I am so pleased that you did!
Take care,

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Sharing Pink for the month of October


  1. What a darling little tea table there by the window. All the pieces are lovely Karen. The word Sadler just excites me! Lovely tea time setting!

  2. What lovely colors and china! There are just so many nice things to say about your tea table today.

  3. So beautiful Karen! I love your cozy, lovely room, with the beautiful furniture, including your pedestal tea table. The linens and teacups are such treasures, but my favorite are those gorgeous Sadler pieces! Love those! Such pretty colors, and lovely with the gold trimmings.

  4. What lovely and adorable china and colours! Your tea table is so pretty and i love your cozy home.

  5. I am loving your Sadler set, Karen! The mint and pink are gorgeous and look so pretty displayed there on the table in front of the window. I hope you find the pink teapot. That would be a beauty too. This may be my last Pink Tea in October but you can be sure I will be sharing pink again in the near future. One of my favourite colours! Thank you for joining me for tea today and I hope you have a splendid week.


  6. I love the teacups, Karen! The floral design is so dainty and pretty, but the teacup looks like it holds a nice amount of tea. The Sadler tea pieces are wonderful. I like the teapot and the cream and sugar are different colors, as it adds more interest. You find some great pieces!

  7. I forgot to mention that I love your lamp and your pretty dish of African violets.

  8. So pretty! I always think pink & green go so well together. I did Christmas in pink & mint green rather that red & darker green one year, just for a change. So pretty! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  9. Pink and mint are pretty pastel colours together. What I noticed most about this post was the cozy table for two by the window, I'd love a spot like this for afternoon tea with a friend.

  10. I do love Sadler tea pots and your is so pretty as are the sugar and creamer. I think they go perfectly.

  11. A wonderful combination of pink and green. I like the cups and saucers, as well as the teapot and cream and sweet!

  12. Lovely photos! Such a pretty combo of pink and green- the table is so inviting :)

  13. Beautiful tea cup and saucer... I love the colors... and your pictures are beautiful too. :)

  14. Hi Karen: Such a beautiful setting. Hope I would love to just sit and visit with you. I am sure we both have so much to share. You are very dear to me. Sending hugs, Martha

  15. Love the setting for your tea. Swooning over the mint green and pink !

  16. I LOVE mint green and pink. My childhood bedroom had mint green walls and the border had pink hearts (with white accents of course!). I really like the green teapot with the pink creamer and sugar. Your teacups are gorgeous too! Have a great weekend :)

  17. I really love your mint tea pot I have been looking for one and have not been able to find one. I have a couple of Sadler tea pots and I love them. And your oink sugar and creamer are very nice as well love the pretty tea cups Happy Autumn with love Janice