Sunday, November 9, 2014

Matching Pretty Orphaned Cups and Saucers

Welcome Teacup Lovers to

"Matching  Pretty Orphaned Cups and Saucers"!

Whenever I am out thrifting and I  see a pretty cup or saucer without a match I think maybe I will someday find it's partner. 

But, if not,  perhaps I can create my own pretty set.

The saucers that I found were under $2.00 each.   They are all Aynsley.

The first mismatched set is a delicate Shelley teacup matched with 

the palest of floral and embossed blue Aynsley saucer.

The handle of the teacup matches perfectly with the saucer.


The second set has another delicate Shelley cup. It is  pale mint green in colour,  trimmed on the rim of the cup's handle and pedestal  base with gold.

Such a lovely design of flowers on the inner cup.

Which set do you find the prettiest?

The next cup has a rich black background with gorgeous pink roses and greenery.  

The handle matches this Aynsley saucer perfectly too.

It is a Paragon teacup.

The final mismatched teacup I would like to share is such a pretty shade of blue.

The cup is entitled "Royal Albert Enchantment".  It suits the name so well.

Do you have a favourite mismatched set?

Well, I am off to search for more saucer-less teacups because you see.... Christmas is coming and I need some pretty pink ones for my Christmas tree.

Thank you for joining me today for

"Matching Pretty Orphaned Cups and Saucers"!

Happy Thrifting Sweet Friends!

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  1. Hi Karen, Pretty teacups! I can't decide which teacup and saucer I like better for the first set of cups, but I really love the blue one in the second set of teacups! They all match great! I do the same thing and buy the orphan teacups and saucers and hope to combine them. Love the idea of putting them on your Christmas tree!
    Hugs, Nancy

  2. I adore the cup with the tree on it!! Now I think I may try to find saucers for my orphan teacups!

  3. You made a great work with these so romantic and beautiful tea cups. My favourite is the blue one. So gorgeous the pink tea cup on the Christmas tree too.

  4. Karen, you matched up your orphaned teacups beautifully! And what fun. The Enchantment looks especially pretty with its saucer but they all look wonderful. I love a teacup tree too. Thank you for your fun post and thanks for joining me for tea. Have a delightful day.


  5. OMG Karen ... What a clever girl you are!!!! I love the creative repurposing of your cups and saucer... DELIGHTFUL idea to share... You've got me smiling...Hugs

  6. LOL! A girl after my own heart! I have about 150 Shelley orphans...every so often I find a match! But I love them, so...tea party enthusiasts and tea rooms are really into the mix and match...and you've done a beautiful job! Love them! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. Oh my gosh Karen, what a fabulous job you did of matching the teacups and saucers!! How to choose a favorite one? I love each of them for different reasons!!

  8. Wow Karen, you have a very nice collection of tea cups also. And you have done a great job matching each one. I love to mix my china all the time. It gives a table character.

    Have a wonderful week.


  9. Good idea... I have done this, but figured I was the only one who did! :) Glad I am not. ..... You have beautiful items. :)

  10. You are such a good "Adoptive Mother"!

  11. Those matched up lovely. I really started out years ago with just that - all mix and match. As the years have gone by I have evolved. I have a shelf up really high with hooks that works perfect for all the single cups. I think those saucers are really pretty ones and a great price too! So glad you shared.

  12. Karen, what a great post! I can't pass up a lone cup or saucer. Mixing and matching is such fun. You found some lovely cups and saucers and did a wonderful job matching them. They look like they should go together. Happy Tea Day!

  13. So beautiful Karen. They all look lovely together. I have one mismatched set, and it's funny, because it is my favorite to drink from. I think my favorite of yours is that beautiful mint green Shelley.
    And what a great idea to tie them onto your tree!

  14. Your mixing and matching worked out well. I have one saucer on its own as the cup was broken in the mail through an exchange, I should look for a cup to pair it with.

  15. Splendid job of marrying the mismatched cups and saucers. The black chintz Paragon is in my collection. Enchantment is on my wish list.

  16. I like to rescue orphan and widowed cups and saucers too. The song says love is better the second time around !

  17. Karen, if one didn't know you would think they came together. they are all gorgeous, but the 2nd and 4th and my favorites! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. Hello, This just inspired me to keep on looking for the matching saucer to a few of those lonely tea cups!
    And seeing them as ornaments on the Christmas tree was so pretty.
    You did find some really great matches, I will say that!
    Blessings, Roxy

  19. Lovely they all are, matching or not they all look nice together..with love Janice

  20. What a great idea. I have some teacups that don't have saucers. I shall just have to look for some!!!