Sunday, May 17, 2015

A May Flower Tea

Hello My Teacup Friends and

Welcome to 

"A May Flower Tea!"

Mother's Day is over for another year, but I will be enjoying my Mother's Day gifts of  flowers  for a hopefully a few more days.

My children surprised me with  these beautiful flower bouquets!

Pretty china needs pretty flowers, don't you agree?

Did you know that  Lily of the Valley is the May Flower of the month?

I have just started collecting the Royal Albert Flower of the Month teacup series and have managed to find five of the twelve teacups on my thrifting excursions. Treasure hunting is such fun!

I love the flowers on the inner cup.

Can you see a pretty tint of turquoise behind the leaves?

You have seen my similar but different Lily of the Valley teacups before.

I found this Lily of the Valley needlepoint picture at a flea market.  
Many years ago I remember my dear mother used to enjoy doing needlepoint while watching T.V. with my father.

Thank you for joining me Sweet Teacup Friends  for

"A May Flower Tea".

See you next week!

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Hope to see you there!


  1. Your received such beautiful bouquets for the mother's day. Your tea time is very romantic and delicate. I would like to sit and have a cup of your romantic tea.

  2. Karen, everything looks so pretty. I love lily of the valley. My husband is a May fellow, so you know it is a good month in my house.

    Your flowers do still look pretty. My son gave me flowers for Mother's Day, too. I had mine until this morning. Then my sweet husband cut some roses to bring in the house to me.

  3. You find the best teacups while out thrifting, Karen, and this RA is a beauty! Actually both of your Lilly of the Valley teacups are so pretty for your May tea.

  4. I would love to find the May Lily-of-the-Valley teacup as it's my hubby's birthday month and our anniversary. RA makes the loveliest cups. I have a cake stand in pink just like your green one. The needlepoint is very sweet. Thanks for sharing, Karen, and I hope you had a lovely Victoria Day weekend.


  5. I love your teacups! I have the Royal Albert set every so often but it doesn't hang around. They make such nice ones! Your flowers are lovely! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  6. Happy Tea Day, Kare! While I was viewing your pretty teacups, I had a lightbulb moment and realized that the green plants/flowers in my garden are actually lily in the valley. Yes, I'm clueless when it comes to flowers so thank goodness that I have my fellow bloggers to educate me on all things floral!

  7. Karen:
    The Lily of the Valley is so beautiful and I love the smell of them. When I lived in Iowa I had planted them all along the edge of our house. I miss them. I tried to plant some in my garden a few years ago but the squirrels ate every single bulb. Your table setting is so pretty with this theme.

  8. Beautiful cup for May and your bouquet as well. xoxo Su

  9. I am completely charmed by this tea. I am going outside right now to see if my LOTV are out yet. It was been an odd Spring - cold, colder, rainy, cold, dry, HOT, cold, colder. Well... more usual than I like to think. Angels to you,

  10. May is my favorite month of the year and I am so delighted with your tea cup :-)