Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pink Garden Roses for Tea Time

Hello Sweet Tea Friends!

I'm so pleased that you could join me today for

"Pink Garden Roses for Tea Time!"

The sun is shining brightly at the cottage and isn't it perfect weather for an outside tea time?

The pink and white roses are already in bloom and I wanted you to see them.

This shade of pink rose is my absolute favourite.

You have seen some of my Rose and Ivy china collection before. 

I love the raised texture on this dainty teacup.

This miniature teapot is an Arthur Wood. 

Thank you so much for stopping by for

"Pink Garden Roses for Tea Time!"

I hope to see you again next week!

This week I will be joining these beautiful blogspots:

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  1. I love that tea set! So pretty!

  2. How lovely to be outside! My tea time is indoors today because of the rain.
    Those roses are just gorgeous; the inside of the pink one is incredible. They go so well with your pretty teacups and teapot.
    Happy tea day, Karen, and enjoy your beautiful weather.

  3. Oh, how lovely your roses are and so many of them too! You are fortunate that they bloom so early. I won't see mine for a few more weeks. It's only 11 C here today and the whole week will be cool but next week promises to be warmer, so I'm looking forward to that. I love your pretty china. The teapot is so adorable and I love your first teacup! I do enjoy seeing roses and ivy on china. They really remind you of summertime. Thanks for joining me for tea today and Happy June, Karen!


  4. I love your new tea time!!! The roses are gorgeous and the teacups are such beautiful. How lovely to be outside where you live.

  5. Your roses from your garden are so beautiful, Karen, and they complement your lovely tea pieces so well. As always, your outdoor setting is so dreamy and romantic.

  6. Happy Tea Day, Karen! Your rose and ivy teawares blended together so well that I initially thought they were all from the same company. I'm also a fan of the raised texture of the Crown Dorset teacup.

  7. What a perfect post for the start of June! Your roses are gorgeous (pretty shade of pink) and match your teaware. My favorite of your teawares is the miniature teapot-so sweet. Your garden setting is incredible. So nice to see sunshine.

  8. Those are really lovely, lovely flowers and how exciting that you grow them yourself!!! Your tea set is also very lovely and I think it is quite so beautiful that you have a pretty table set outside in what looks like a park... Just dreamy! Happy June!

  9. What a sweet and lovely setting to enjoy a delightful cup of tea. I love all the feminine touches... And your roses are spectacular.

    Wishing you a great week.


  10. Karen:
    I loved seeing all your various cups and saucers. The Crown Dorset one of course is really special. Any Crown Dorset item is "the best". I have several teapots and they are much more ornate and unusual just like the detail on that cup and saucer. I am sorry to tell you (in answer to your question) that I don't think your teapot can be fixed. What the lady did for me was not put back a broken piece but rather rebuild that area. If you click on "Doll Doctor" you would see her website and phone and you could ask her. I hope I am wrong!
    Thanks for sharing your sweet roses and Roses and Ivy dishes!

  11. Just beautiful sorry I am a bit late getting beck to thank you for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea. I just LOVE all you pretty roses and ivy. The kettle shape os a favorite in that pattern, but hard to find. Love your gorgeous roses! Have a great week.