Monday, June 15, 2015

Impatiens for Tea Time

Welcome Dear Friends to

"Impatiens and Tea Time!"

Last year I was unable to find any impatiens at the flower nurseries in B.C.  The garden shops told me that none were available due to a downy mildew disease  problem that resulted in severe defoliation and flower drop.

Impatiens are such darling dainty bedding plants and I am so pleased that they are available again this year!

Do any of you have a teacup with impatiens on it?

I wish that I had an impatiens teacup.

Today I am sharing one of my favourite rosy teacups which you have seen before.

Can you see the sweet little butterflies?

The other elegant cup I would like to show you is the identical shape but a different pretty pattern.

It is also a Foley and has a lovely pink tint.

The cream and sugar are also Canterbury Rose.

The teapot is Royal Albert's Old Country Rose.

The gorgeous cake plate was a retirement gift from my friend Nadine and it started the Canterbury Rose collection.

Hubby and I worked on our kitchen cottage renos all day and treated ourselves to a delicious dinner at Olive Garden.  We didn't have room for  tiramisu cake for dessert
so I brought it home for you.

Thank you kind friends for praying for my dear mother.  She is slowly adjusting to her challenging life in a wheelchair and her condition is stable for the time being.   

Thank you also for visiting me today!
See you next week!

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  1. Karen, this is such a pretty setting. Both of your teacups are beautiful and they go very well with your teapot and cake plate. I'm happy your mother is doing better. I was thinking about you this morning and wondering how she was. It is an adjustment for everyone, I know. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea this week. Have a delightful day, my friend.


  2. I love Olive Garden's Tiramisu. Thank you so much for bringing it home for us.

  3. Very pretty Tea Table. Love your china, and the flowers are wonderful. Dessert looks really yummy! Have a great Tea Time.

  4. Tutto bello!Piante,tazze e giardino!Bacioni,Rosetta

  5. Oooh . . . tiramisu is my favorite! Love your tea setting today with all the lovely impatiens, and rose china. I especially like the second one, so feminine and old-fashioned looking.
    So sorry to hear about your mom, I must have missed that post. Going to go check for it now. xo Deborah

  6. Your impatiens march the pretty pillows and the roses in your teacups, Karen. Of course, you've set another dreamy, romantic outdoor tea for us to enjoy. Thank you for sharing your tiramisu for a teatime treat!
    I'm glad that your mother is doing well and adjusting, my friend.

  7. I love the white take and chairs. Of course the PINK just sets it off. Glad your mom is adjusting. I know it is hard for all of you.

    Charlotte Moore

  8. Hi Karen: Still praying for your Mother. I am glad she is improving. Love your post today. I own the first tea cup. Always a blessing to visit. Hugs, Martha

  9. What a gorgeous outdoor tea setting, Karen! Now I'm craving tiramisu. Hee!

    1. Thanks for the visit, Karen! I tried to find something vintagey to wear to the Palliser's tea dance but couldn't find anything appropriate in short notice so I was dressed in regular clothes. The ones I captured on camera were definitely the best dressed!

  10. I am so sorry to hear about your Mother and I pray there are signs of improvement which bring encouragement. I looked back at the last post and read it. I hope you are getting rest as well. Your tea today is lovely with your pretty cups and saucers and teapot!

  11. Such a lovely Garden tea.. I love inpatients to.. I just bought some lite pink ones.. its all just beautiful.. I love the Fushia Pink. Have a great new week with love Janice

  12. Beautiful tea in the garden, so lovely! The flowers are beautiful and so cheerful! Sorry to hear about your mother, I'm sure that has to be a huge transition. I love tiramisu, yours looks wonderful! My hubby and I have been on a neverending mission in search of the best calamari and tiramisu. I may have to try it there, I don't think I have! Thus far, I like Nordstrom's version, even better than Macaroni Grill!

  13. amazing post, so delicate and pretty! Love your cups. Sorry to hear about your mother's challenges, hoping she adjusts well.

  14. You always set such a beautiful scene with your garden and teatime..Love your ' century cup and those sweet little butterflies and bees..Too cute !!! Gosh those impatience are huge and absolutely beautiful...Such a lovely post...Thanks for sharing...Hugs

  15. Oh so pretty! I always look forward to your lovely posts! Love the flowers and the sheer tablecloth. So romantic looking! Beautiful teapot and cups, too!
    Hugs, Nancy

  16. What a pretty tea! Sighing over the tea cups.No inpatients! I haven't even been to the nursery this year. We are at sixes and sevens until the yard is back together.By then it will be time for chrysanthemums. I did buy a few hanging baskets of petunias and am enjoying those.