Monday, November 30, 2015

Blue and White for Tea Time

Welcome My Teacup Friends to

"Blue and White for Tea Time!"

I do hope that all of my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Have you started decorating for Christmas? 

 Before I use my red transferware to decorate for the holiday season, I decided to try blue and white china pattern pieces on the shabby chic cottage shelf.

 It all started with this dear little boy and girl Dutch cream and sugar that I recently found at a little shop.  They reminded me of my darling grand daughter and I thought of our fun tea parties to come at the cottage.

On this late November afternoon I am surprised that the sun is shining brightly at the cottage. 

 I do believe these are definitely the end of my pink rose buds.  

While hubby's golfing days are quickly coming to an end since the course is frozen in the early mornings, I am taking advantage of my solitude and playing with my pretties and of course, enjoying a cup of tea and cookies.

I thought these Little Dutch cookies would be an light afternoon snack. 

Aren't their faces precious?

I think I am partial to this china because my dear mother once had some something similar on her kitchen hutch. Unfortunately my wonderful father had Parkinsons and one day lost his balance and fell into the cabinet and accidentally broke the maple china cabinet door and some of the little Dutch pretties. 

 Does a cup of tea sometimes make you reminisce?

Thank you for joining me today for 

"Blue and White for Tea Time!"

See you next week!


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Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Karen,
    I love your cottage shelf. It is such a pretty piece and what fun you have displaying your pretties in it. I have some of the same pieces. The blue and white really is lovely and the little Dutch children are adorable. I like your tea kettle too. I haven't seen those Lil Dutch Maid cookies in years. Your tea table looks charming there by the window and I can't wait to see all your red for Christmas. As you know, the red is my absolute favourite transferware. Thank you for sharing with us and have a fabulous day!


  2. Hello dear Karen:
    I have to say the blue is so fresh and clean looking. I don't own in but I think that might be a good thing since I certainly have my share of china teasets. Your table looks so pretty and the shelf on the wall all decorated in blue. I love that your weather allows for outdoors as well! Have a great week and please come join in my blog party!

  3. Oh Karen, your little Dutch boy and girl are just adorable! Yes, their faces are so sweet, and they will be fun to use at a tea party with your granddaughter. Your blue and white transferware pieces are just beautiful and look so pretty on your shelf. Happy Tea Day, dear friend.

  4. I love that shelf and the items on it. It is so pretty!

  5. Your blue and white china is very elegant. I love your new tea time, i think it' s very romantic and relaxing. The butter cookies look so yummy!

  6. What a beautiful display of blue transferwares! Have you ever had the Dutch treat called stroopwafel--a waffle with syrup in the middle?

  7. Your blue and white transferware makes a lovely winter time display and your Dutch figurines have such sweet faces. I have the Windsor cup you featured in red. It's my first piece of transferware. Such a lovely pattern! I would love to collect more.

  8. Beautiful! I do love blue and white. That little Dutch boy and girl are darling!

  9. Your dishes are so very pretty, love the embroidered cloth on the table. Those metal table and chairs are so cute, what a wonderful area to enjoy even a wee bit of sun. I'm your newest follower. Best ~ Mickie

  10. I just love that shelving unit you have for your teacups!

  11. What a gorgeous collection of blue and white transferware Karen. A pretty way to brighten any room. Especially during the holidays. I can see why you are fond of those adorable Dutch figurines. They are lovely.

    Wishing you a wonderful week.


  12. I ALWAYS love blue and white! Gorgeous! I love the tablecloth which goes with everything as well. What a wonderful collection! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  13. Just had to pop in and tell you how much I enjoyed this post! Your blue and white is so refreshing and I think makes such a pretty statement in the winter when there is snow outside the windows. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your Christmas decorating!
    Hugs, Nancy

  14. Love your blue and white -- but then I ADORE blue and white! Makes for a lovely tea doesn't it? And your little Dutch boy and girl are just darling! That I covet! LOL!

  15. Karen, what a lovely collection! I have quite a bit of blue and white china, too -- it's one of my favorite designs. And I'm all about tea!

  16. Karen, what a lovely collection! I have quite a bit of blue and white china, too -- it's one of my favorite designs. And I'm all about tea!

  17. I'm popping over from Sandi's and what a beautiful post! I love all of your pretty blue and white dishes and tea items. The little Dutch boy and girl are just adorable!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)