Sunday, November 8, 2015

Two Little Teapots and Tea

Welcome Dear Teacup Friends to

"Two Little Teapots and Tea!"

Have you ever worried that you may have an addiction to pretty china?

Well, I think I do.  I'm especially tempted by pastel pink and dainty blue pieces.

And lately it's teapots that I just can't say no to! Well, some are just too pretty to resist and when the price is a cup of coffee/tea out then why not treat yourself and have a cup at home?

  This little darlin' was $5.00.  It's a Royal Park Staffordshire England.  

The other wee one is an Arthur Wood.
It was $3.00.

I thought a little yellow cake would be nice with our tea today.  No icing so it's not too sweet.  

This is the only Clarence brand China teacup Made in England that I have in my collection. 

Have you seen Clarence china before? 

It blends quite nicely with the tiny Arthur Wood teapot.   

Thank you Dear Friends for stopping by to see

"Two Little Teapots and Tea!"

See you next week Sweet Teacup 
(and Teapot) Friends!


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Hope to see you there!


  1. Karen:
    I am in Missouri so my party will be a little late next week. I think you definitely are the Queen of teapot bargains! I do have a few Clarence cups and saucers. There are so many brands. I love it all! Your pieces blend together nicely with your others!

  2. Such lovely pieces! I am especially in love with the rose teapot!

  3. I don't worry that I have an obsession with china I already know it. the problem is where am I to put it all?Susie

  4. Pretty teapots Karen, I like how the teacups blend right in and like the theme of the forget me nots.
    Have a great week,

  5. Karen, your new treasures are awesome - and you got them for a song! What amazing prices - lucky you!

    I adore Forget-me-Nots on china, and yours delivers! : - )

    I am so happy for you - such a pretty tea time you have set out !

  6. What a deal for sure and they are the cutiest little ones indeed.. Yes I feel that I have an addition to teapot and cups.. I was just counting and it has grown quite a bit.. but I don't spend monies on any other bad habits so what the heck I say I might as well be happy with something I enjoy.. and these days it my teapots and cups and saucers. I enjoy using and changing them. these are very sweet.. thank you for sharing them with love Janice .

  7. OH, those teapots are so pretty, and what great prices! I could not have resisted them either. They look so lovely with your teapots. I must say, I think I share your addiction. And I am not looking fir a cure!

  8. I so wish I could go shopping with you, my friend! You find the best bargains and your new teapots are so pretty. I love how they blend so well with your teacups, too. I know I am addicted to pretty dishes, but it could be worse, right?? That's what I keep telling myself, any way!
    Happy tea day!

  9. Karen,
    Both the tea pots and the tea ups are so pretty! Lovely patterns on all pieces!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  10. What a wonderful collection! I have the addiction too...have been since age 16 and that was AGES ago! Lovely!

  11. You have such a nice collection, Karen. I really like the Arthur Woods teapot and it looks darling with the Clarence teacup. I actually started collecting teapots before I collected teacups. I had received several teacups however as gifts so they just kind of started getting together, the teacups and teapots. I have loved pretty china ever since I was a little girl. My only concern now is where I'm going to put it all once we down-size which we plan to do in the coming year. Thank you for sharing with us today and enjoy your day.

    Autumn blessings,

  12. I believe that a girl can never have too many teapots or teacups! It's just finding a place to put them all! Love your two little teapots and Clarence teacup. Have a tea filled week!

  13. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step, Karen. Hee! Your pretty new teapots are amazing scores!

  14. Wonderful little teapots at amazing prices. You're right -- you can't get a Starbucks for that. I've never seen Clarence china before either. And I agree, there are lots worse things to be addicted to! BTW, I love that little teal cake stand. Such a pretty color and so cute.
    Have a great week Karen. xo Deborah

  15. What great finds. Sooooo pretty. Love the bargains!