Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mint Green for St. Patrick's Day!

Welcome Sweet Tea Friends!

St. Patrick's Day is coming soon!

And I have been busy getting my mint green china ready .

Have you been busy too?

I was determined to do some baking for my family this weekend and got up early to make these
Blueberry Oatmeal Squares.

Yes... the family loved them and they went so very quickly.

I also got up early to set up our tea time today.

The minty green teacups are dainty Aynsleys.

I just love mint green with a touch of pink.

It's such fun to play with your pretties when the rest of the house sleeps. 

Thank you Dear Tea Friends for stopping by for

"Mint Green for St. Patrick's Day!"

I do hope that you aren't too busy to relax and remember to take time for a cup of tea. 

Have a Wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

See you next week!

This week I will be joining these beautiful blogspots:

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Martha ~ 
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Hope to see you there!


  1. Your tea table looks so pretty and peaceful. I find mint green to be such a calming color. On days of parties I like to get up early, bake and set the table. I agree these last couple of weeks have been busy. I still haven't put out my Easter decorations yet. Seems like Valentine's Day was yesterday. Too many wonderful holidays tightly packed together.

  2. Your mint china is so pretty! Your tea time is very romantic as usual and it's always a great pleausure for my eyes.

  3. I love those dainty Aynsley teacups. What a lovely shape. YOur tea table is lovely!

  4. Hi Karen, Yes, it is fun to play and stage photos for our blog when everyone else is sleeping or not in the house. They always think I am a little crazy! :)
    Your St. Pat's tea is quite lovely, as are those mint green teacups. The lamp is a show stopper too!
    Have a wonderful week and St. Patrick's Day too!

  5. Your St. Patrick's Day tea is set so prettily, Karen. All your teacups are such beauties, and your shamrock plant makes a pretty centerpiece. I'm sure those blueberry squares were a nice treat for your family. Enjoy your week, my friend!

  6. Dear Karen:
    Oh boy - that teapot sure takes our breathe away. I also love the cups and saucers in that green which I rarely see. Such beautiful colors for a St. Patrick's Day Tea! I do love it all! Thanks Karen for sharing and linking.

  7. Lovely mint teacups. I have been wanting some but haven't got there yet.. Happy Monday with love Janice

  8. What a beautiful tablecloth and I love your mint green tea cups.

  9. What's not to love about your tea table, Karen?? I just love everything from the tablecloth to that handsome floral teapot to the corset shaped teacups. Aynsley makes such a pretty teacup and I adore the shade of green! Next to aqua and pink, green is my favourite colour. Or maybe it's the other way around. ;-) I love them all pretty much the same. In any case, your table is a delight to the eyes and thank you for sharing it with us. Happy St. Patrick's Day this week!


  10. What beautiful tea things! I just love that pattern with the pink flowers, thistle and shamrocks/clover!

    Thank you for your visit to my blog, too!

  11. I noticed the lamp in the background and I have 2 lamps with the exact same pink mottled beaded shades! I was so surprised! Love your cups as well.

  12. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Karen. I am utterly charmed by your gorgeous green teacups!

  13. Everything is just gorgeous Karen! Love the chintz and the Aynsley teacups! And the blueberry squares sound yummy! Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day, and thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  14. Hello, Karen. I just got a message from Bernideen. She thinks I remind her of you, so I had to come visit to see for myself. Your blog is beautiful and your pictures and collections of tea cups is gorgeous. If that is the connection than I feel honored. Come by for a visit and see what you think?..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  15. The mint green is so lovely, and full of springtime charm! Beautiful tea!