Monday, June 6, 2016

Roses and Gold for Tea Time

Happy June Sweet Tea Friends!

Today our tea time will be in the front garden. 

It's been very warm the last few days and  the bedding plants have been drying so quickly. 

Today's teacups are trimmed with rich gold gilt.

The first teacup is an Adderley and was once my dear mother's.  

The other floral patterned teacup is a Hammersley.  

The pink and yellow rosy gold-trimmed Sadler cubed teapot is one of my most treasured.

This heat wave is enabling the garden roses to bloom earlier this year. 

Thank you for your visit this warm June day!

See you next time!

This week I will be joining these beautiful blogspots:

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Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Karen, I can see why that teapot is one of your most treasured! It's a beauty with its gold trim and pretty flowers, and your elegant, gold trimmed teacups look so pretty with it. I'd love to drink a cup of tea out of either one of those at your lovely table, sweet friend!

  2. Oh, Karen, your Sadler teapot is a beauty! I can understand why it's a favourite. Your teacups are both so elegant and your table looks lovely in your front garden. I don't have any flowers yet nor do any of my neighbours because it's been too cold. Only about five tulips came up and now they're on their way out. Not sure what happened to all the rest of them. It has been very cold here and we only get a warm day every now and then. It is going to rain all week because of the remnants from the tropical storm Colin which is headed our way. Enjoy the heat wave. I know my son and his family certainly are. They were camping on the weekend in a magnificent spot. Thanks for sharing and Happy June, my friend!


  3. Beautiful! Love all the gold and roses. We're having a day here in Michigan like Sandi in PEI, cool and overcast. Your garden party looks so warm and inviting! That teapot is beautiful and so is your lace tablecloth. Thanks for sharing all the prettiness with us. xo Deborah

  4. Oh Karen, how lucky you are to have that beautiful cube Sadler teapot! I have never came across one in my travels! Your teacups so pretty too! A darling tea time in your lovely garden! Wish I could join you!

  5. Oh, Karen- your garden tea time china is absolutely breathtaking!

    I do wish I could send you some of these pink peonies to complete it - though your table is absolutely perfect as is! WOW - absolutely gorgeous china. And the fact that the teacup was your mother's is so special! : - )

  6. I'm swooning over your gorgeous Sadler teapot and the gold-rimmed teacups. What can I say? I have a heart of gold. HA!

    You got a great deal for the Lavender Rose teapot. I'd love to add the teapot to my collection!

  7. Lovely June tea post. Your Adderley and Hammersley teacups are exquisite with all the gold. I think they are older ones. If I had your Sadler teapot in my collection, it would also be one of my favorites. Love the shape and floral design.

  8. Such a lovely teatime. I just love your teacups...just beautiful. That's a lovely teapot too. I think your flowers look lovely, lush and cool. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea.

  9. I love the gold and roses! Such a romantic tea time of june. The teapot is fairy and the teacup is so dreamy. Your collection is very precious.

  10. Dear Karen:
    So sorry to be getting here late with comments as I have had company and got behind quickly.

    Your 2 cups and saucers are so lovely and of course whoevery above used the word "swooning" choose her words correctly! Swoon it is! The Sadler teapot is worthy of swooning (whatever that is). I love it all Karen. Thanks for sharing and linking. to BTTCG Blog Party.