Friday, March 31, 2017

Cottage Renos

Good Morning Sweet Tea Friends

I wanted to share our new flooring and updates at the cottage.  Mr. Cottage has been working so very hard.  

While I was away with my girlfriends he supervised the installers and worked on the baseboard mouldings.

To avoid the cost of a professional door installer he also is hanging the doors himself and adding crown mouldings around the doors.

This is what all of the doors looked like previously and I am loving the bright new doors (they will still need painting but it all takes time). 

My sweet sister-in-law Stephanie gifted me with the pretty mirrored cabinet.  I just love it!

She said she didn't have room for it anymore and she knew how I adored Shabby Chic furniture.  You can see the reflection of the couch in it!

Sorry about Hubby's tools but he gets upset if I move them when he's working. 

Sweet Stephanie also gave me this beautiful flowered painting.

I'm still deciding where to put things and everything is still in disarray but much more liveable now that we have flooring and not cement floors and also doors on most doors. 

Hubby even installed the dishwasher himself to avoid extra costs but of course I was his right hand man throughout.  We thought we better replace the dishwasher in case the old one had problems and we had a flood. We don't have a new stove yet - it's hard to put the black one back on the new floors. No cooking for me! Lol!

We painted the oak kitchen cabinets a couple of years ago and added beadboard to brighten the kitchen.

The rest of the flooring will go into the family room.  There's still lots to complete but I am being patient. 

I brought this little lamp all the way home from 
La Quinta for my sideboard.

Now that the reno tour is over, let's have a little tea, shall we?

Both teacups are Royal Albert.

The teapot is a Sadler.

Thank you so much for stopping by my sweet friends.

Hope your daffodils are in bloom too!


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  1. I love all the white. The lighter the better to me. We used to have stained cabinets and brown carpet. I was so glad when we went with white wash wood floors in the den and cabinets about the same color. So much brighter. Never mind the tools laying out. Can't hinder a busy man working. HAHA!!

    Charlotte Moore

  2. Such a lovely home. I have turquoise half of my walls and white beadboard with trim the other half (lower) as I like color.

  3. Your renovations look terrific. Love the new cabinet.

  4. Your new flooring looks fantastic, Karen! I'm also loving the mirrored cabinet that your generous SIL gifted you. More space for teacups and tea pretties. Yeah! As always, I also enjoy seeing your Sadler teapots. This pink teapot is so pretty!

  5. I love the white!!! Your home is such romantic... Wow! The cabinet is fabulous. All the pictures are amazing
    Hugs Alessandra

  6. Thank you for the tour, Karen! Your cottage looks so bright and fresh and I love the contrast with the dark floors. Yes, I'd love a cup of tea at your romantic table and then I'll get up and get a closer look at that gorgeous cabinet that your sweet SIL gave you.

  7. Dear Karen:
    I am so happy for you regarding your new lovely flooring. Projects do take patience for sure and I am short on that but have to just make ourselves. I love your new kitchen and lovely light doors and trim. It does make things so much lighter. Thanks for sharing this beautiful redo!

  8. Hi Karen, I enjoyed touring your sweet cottage! I love your new floors and your new doors. What a darling mirrored cabinet! This summer I plan on painting the interior doors at my cottage. I have one done and have three more to paint. I love your white cabinets. I wish mine were white but hubby would not like me painting them! I already stretched it by papering the kitchen with floral paper! Wishing you a lovely week!

  9. Everything is so beautiful - and in the midst of remodeling - lovely tea set.