Friday, March 24, 2017

Home Sweet Home

Hello Teacup Friends,

I've missed y'all!

I was away for 5 days with my four old school friends (one from grade one) and we enjoyed lots of laughs together and the beautiful sunshine in La Quinta, California. 

I have never left my hubby or family and I don't like flying so it was quite adventuresome of me. 

I did have a wonderful time but have had a cold and cough for over a week now. 

I was hoping to find some teapot treasures in La Quinta but had no luck so I am sharing some of my favourites today.

Both teapots are Sadlers and this pretty in pink teacup is a Paragon.


The second teacup pinky is Foley.

It's always fun to get away but so nice to return to Home Sweet Home (but not so nice to return to the rain).  Lol.  

 Thank you for stopping by today.
I hope you are staying healthy and finding your own sunshine.

See you next time!
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  1. How WONDERFUL is your blog!!!It is always a pleasure stopping by!Thank you so much for sharing.Hugs.

  2. How fun to go on a getaway with childhood friends. I agree that there's no place like home.

    I'm swooning over your gorgeous gilded teacups. A few weeks ago, I saw a pretty mint green teacup at a thrift store. It was in desperate need of cleaning, but what turned me off was the strand of hair caught in the tape. I know, I know. I could have cleaned it up nicely, but the memory of the hair would have bothered me forever. Heh.

  3. It sounds like a great adventure and wonderful time. And, I always love seeing your beautiful treasures.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Karen. Thank you for always making Pink Saturdays special.♥

  4. Pretty in PINK for sure. Beautiful!! I don't care for flying either. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Hope your cold is better soon.

    Charlotte Moore

  5. The pink is stunning. Sounds like you had fun with your girlfriends. Glad you went.

  6. I am glad you set out on an adventure and enjoyed it! I have a friend who is crazy for teas ad has about 100 teacups or more! I have just a few that are so pretty, My friend has a tea party each month but missed last month and may miss April as well as sh has been sick since it is always the 2nd Saturday. I am in my second week of being sic. Guess I did not need that flu shot.

  7. Dear Karen:
    What a sweet posting here and lovely tea table. The two teapots with pink background are my favorites. Glad you had some fun time with friends. Thanks for sharing and linking.

  8. Hi Karen, so glad you had a friends trip and had fun! You look wonderful in your photo and pretty teapots and cups! We are getting rain too, which is a good thing. It has been so dry this past Winter with hardly any snow.
    Take care!

  9. How nice to get away with childhood friends, Karen, but I agree, there's no place like home! Your tea is just so pretty with your lovely teapots and teacups. Hope you're feeling better!

  10. It's fun to get away with friends and I have done that in the past but I like being home best. Your pinks are lovely and the teacups are so pretty with their floral surprises inside. You must have a few Sadler teapots! It still looks like winter here and it's cold too. But spring is here and soon the cold weather will be behind us once again. I'm dreaming of warm sandy beaches and the scent of summer in the air. Thank you for your visit and your prayers. Enjoy your day, dear Karen.


  11. So much fun to get away with childhood friends. Welcome back, dear romantic friend.Your teacups and teapot are just gorgeous
    Hugs Alessandra