Saturday, December 16, 2017

Birthday Celebrations and Getting Ready for Christmas

Season's Greetings Sweet Tea Friends!

Do you have any December birthdays in your family?

This week we celebrated my hubby's birthday and last week it was my daughter's. 

Hubby requested Mikasa's April Rose as the dinner set of his choice for his family party. 

This pattern has a soft pink single rose with greenery on a white background with embossed trim . 

It is such a challenge to find discontinued teapots but after years of searching I eventually found the teapot and many other pieces at "Champagne Taste" ~ a consignment store in New Westminster, B.C. 

(Sorry about the dark pics as I took them very late in the day).

(After years of collecting I now have over 25 place settings in Mikasa's April Rose.)

My precious grand daughter and grandson enjoyed taking part in the celebration!  My grand daughter later decided to dress up like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  (As a Nana it's essential to have a supply of princess dresses.  Lol.!)

This year I followed my tradition and set up the Christmas tree with white beads, pink, gold  and crystal decorations and some orphaned teacups, of course.

My grand daughter made my hubby and I the sweet crafty Christmas tree ornaments with the googly eyes.

The little Christmas Village is arranged on the sideboard in the dining room.

Some Royal Albert Poinsettia china in the kitchen

And a small pink tree in the kitchen hallway.

I have a few more gifts to purchase but I suppose I'm nearly ready for Christmas. 

What about you?  

Is your list nearly complete?

Thank you for your visit today!

Christmas Blessings!


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Hope to see you there!



  1. Hi Karen!I love your dainty and sweet single rose china,just gorgeous.The poinsettia china is so pretty too!Love your wonderful Christmas tree and your cute princess...What an awesome post,as ever!Merry Christmas!Oh,my father's Birthday is on December 26th.

  2. Your china is fabulous. I love all of Your Christmas decors. The pink tree is very charming and the Christmas village is fairy. Your granddaughter is adorable

  3. Oh yes, I forgot you have the same china my mother left me. That pretty single rose. The china we received 50 years ago when we married is also Mikasa. It is the Firenze pattern.

    Beautiful decorations!

    Charlotte Moore

  4. Such beautiful china and Christmas dcorations! I love the unusual dainty handles on the teapot and lid.

  5. I love your settee and rose dishes! Merry Christmas!!

  6. Those Mikasa's April Rose is beautiful. Now, I have to track down getting this beautiful china.

  7. Belated happy birthday to your hubby and daughter. I always enjoy seeing your teacups hanging on your Christmas tree. This month, I bought the cutest teapot and teacup ornament from Avon.

    Your granddaughter makes an adorable Belle. Last weekend, I was ordering a book online. I wanted to score free shipping so before I knew it, I had ordered the cutest Beauty and the Beast tea set and figures (I figured that I could hang the figures on my tree)...and yes, the shipping was free!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. Dear Karen: My hubbies birthday is today so the answer is yes! What a great post here and I love the details everywhere - your tree is amazing. Your new teapot is so beautiful and the shapes and curves on it, the lid and handle are just lovely! Happy New Year and thank you for participating in my blog parties this year.

  9. How lovely Karen! It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas. I found your blog while I was looking around the internet for Royal Albert China. I had Afternoon Tea at a tea house for the first time this Christmas with my sister, mom, and Grandma (a first for all of us). We loved the experience so much! I am now obsessed with Tea!!! LOL Anyway, Happy New Year to you!

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