Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cottage Renos

Hello Sweet Tea Friends!

It's been a busy month completing the cottage renovations.

We started with the flooring last year and hubby has been on a mission to complete the bathrooms that were very outdated and had plumbing issues. is now complete!  Yay!

(Sorry I have no pics before reno but it was oak cabinets that I had re-painted white and were very low to the ground so much so that we had to bend over to wash our hands.)

Mr. Cottage has become a handyman of sorts.  Completing the laminate flooring himself, painting, replacing plumbing and electrical.  Yes, friends, he's a keeper!

We purchased two cabinets (one for the ensuite too) a year ago when they were on sale and they were taking up a lot of room in the garage since March. I love the knob feet!

We used the old white countertops and found the taps for a reasonable price last year too.

I kept with my previous sea blue tones but we painted the walls to blend.  Is it too dark?

We found the mirror at Marshals yesterday for $39.99.  The matching mirror for the cabinet would have been $159.00 and I like this one almost as much.  Hubby wanted it high so he could see himself.  Lol!  He's 6 feet tall.

We found the lighting at Home Depot for $34.98.

Everything is in disarray when projects are in motion. Lol.  Tools everywhere.

I try to help Mr. Cottage as much as I can while he works but I had to find time to share our recent project.  One down.  One to go.  

The Gutted Ensuite!

Hubby is working on the flooring in the ensuite as I blog.  I'm feeling guilty.

Should I take time out for a cup of tea?

Hmmm.  Which Sadler teapot should I use?

The teacup is made in Germany.

Maybe I should use a Windsor/Sadler cube teapot?

I hope that you take time out for tea time today too.

What projects have you planned for 2018?

See you next time!

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Hope to see you there!


  1. Congratulations on surviving the cottage renos, Karen. Your new bathroom looks great! Last year, I "freshened" up my bathroom by adding some aqua/teal accents. I'm also loving your teal tea sets, especially the gorgeous teacup from Germany.

    My 2018 house project will likely involve some painting...

  2. Now that is absolutely darling. I love the old (I think) clock box turned teapot shelf. How perfectly recycled if that was it. I think you bathroom is so pretty and I love the do it yourself endeavor. I wish we knew more! I think it all looks so refreshing and lovely. Thanks for sharing. (I also have out "Tea Time With God)

  3. Your bathroom is just lovely. The teapots are gorgeous

  4. Love the cabinet which looks like it used to be a clock cabinet. Wonderful!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, Karen. Wow, the bathroom looks fantastic. We redid two of our bathrooms last year, and we love them. We have two more, but we already got them adequately spiffed up.

    Thanks for joining us, and for always making Pink Saturdays special.♥

  6. Looks so pretty. He did a very good job.

    Charlotte Moore

  7. Your bathroom looks pretty but I can't take my eyes of your stunning teacup and your gorgeous teapots!Fabulous!!!Hugs!

  8. PRETTY Bathroom... Love the colors and seaside details ... We just added a bathroom to our main floor ..It’s a big job, as you know... Halleluia for Husbands who actually can enjoy the challenge.( Keeper’ for sure) I'd definately choose the blue Sadler teapot .. It’s gorgeous !!!! .. YES...I’d love a cup of tea in that exquisite teacup hm-m-m-m-m ...You really know how to make friends feel at home. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Lot of projects! But such a little time!

  10. Tudo lindo.
    As porcelanas são maravillhosas!