Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A New Picket Fence

Hello Lovely Tea Friends!

My hubby completed a New Picket Fence today.

Originally I had asked hubby for a moveable small planter picket fence.  He decided to make a large one to give me privacy from the golfers on the course.  And yes, it's moveable too!

I couldn't believe how quickly Mr. Cottage was able to put it all together. He's a keeper.

After he completed the base I was excited to add  the new festive bunting flag for our upcoming July 4th celebrations.

For our tea time today I am sharing two Sadler teapots and brown transferware.

I love the turquoise colour of flowers on this vintage teapot.

We have the best neighbours at the cottage and we are so thankful for them. The Johnson Brother's teacup is appropriately called "Neighbours".

The cream and sugar are Shakespere Sonnet.

Are you getting ready for July 4th?

Thank you for your visit today!

Happy Summer!

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  1. Your picket fence is so cute! I wanted to have a picket fence around our front yard, but when I got an estimate, it was shockingly expensive!!!! Your transferware is out of this world gorgeous!

  2. Dear Karen:
    That picket fence will be your new favorite backdrop for your tea times! What great fun. I love your transferware pieces and I think they would be really special in the fall with all the browns, etc. Very rich looking. You are teapot rich! Ha! Thanks for sharing and each vignette you do is so special.

  3. Nice fence! Every time I think I've seen all the Sadler teapots, you share a new design. The transferware teapots are lovely!

  4. Karen, I'm so envious of your expanse of white picket fence--perfect backdrop for tea--love it! And I love a man who gets things done! :-)

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